Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why not? or But Why?

Well there's definitely things going on in my head and I mean good things not like the little white men are coming kinda thing. I have worked out that what I am eating in a day is 9.5pts on weight watchers where normally I would eat 22 points on a very strict day. So I know I have quite a few points to play with and still lose weight. However, despite giving myself every opportunity to cheat on the side and it is Saturday etc etc I have been asking myself "But why?" when before I would say "ah bugger it why not?" and just scoff. I am actually analyzing what I would actually get out of stuffing something in my gob. I was even thinking of some Macca's but I knew that if I went there I would feel worse because of the carb cycle thing and the never ending quest to stave off the hunger after a carb binge.

let me say too, that although weight watchers allows you alot of different things it is actually harder to stick to than this. I dont know if I'm just a grown up now and thinking differently or its the carbs and low fat cracker crap that WW pushes in the pursuit of maximising what you eat for little points irrespective of the impact of that food on your hunger or metabolism.

I think we may have reached an enlightening..... Everyone may have been right - this does actually get better by the 4th or 5th day.


  1. Keep going girl! Only another 9 days to go!

    Since being banded, I am actually enjoying the Opti and will probably continue to have it after the mushy stage!

    You might surprise yourself.


  2. Yeah I really dont mind the actual product and I can definitely see me using it as a weight loss/appetite suppressant tool in the future if necessary. Just being a baby I guess, I want my cake and lose weight too!

  3. Hey Shaggs,

    Just to reply to your question -
    I'm still not hungry or craving anything. I have kept away from foodie smells but in saying that, I made hubby a small potato bake (my fav) last night for dinner and I wasn't even tempted to have a bite.

    I have craved wine a bit, but I have still abstained!



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