Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Summer of Shaggs

OMG! Over a month without a post! There is so much to write about, pics to post and love to share and its coming I swear (just not right now!) Actually living life with not much time to write about it. Weight has stabilised around 87-88kg. Still love my band. Contemplating another fill before xmas to keep me honest over the festive season - remember girls (and boys) its Christmas DAY not Christmas MONTH! (another weight watchers gem!). Done some more fabulous shopping around Melbourne (freakin brilliant shopping!) and I am pleased to say I havent bought one black item - my wardrobe is a festival of colour!! A veritable rainbow of summer lovin! A lick of fake tan, a new haircut and dye job and man - this is the summer of Shaggs!!!!

To give you some idea of what we're dealing with here - this is a pic of me at the school trivia night collecting one of the major prizes.

Here are ten quick facts about that evening:
1. I sat at a table with at least three people whom I would consider "friends" and even a "best" friend!!!
2. I drank far too much
3. I made 80 people laugh and cheer for me (move over Britney)
4. I provided sexual innuendo for every single question asked no matter how dry eg: when asking Melbourne Cup (a famous horse race in Australia) questions such as "who rode the winner" I of course answered (very loudly) "my husband!!!"
5. I did not answer one single question correctly despite being famous for knowing useless crap ie: trivial facts.
6. I won the 2 major prizes of the evening (based on luck not correct answers) One was a hamper worth $700 and the other an 8GB MP3 video/audio player. Thank you to the ooger boogers for the luck cause let me tell you - I NEVER win anything! I dont mind so much but really it was an amazing feat. I had done some free readings that week for some very needy people and I guess it was the ooger boogers way of saying thanks (not necessary but very nice)
7. I was in the toilet when one of these prizes was won in the major raffle - thats how sure I was that I wasnt going to win
8. They found me in the toilet in order to give me the prize
9. I now have LOTS of friends around the neighbourhood who I have no recollection of ever meeting but they all seem to know me (and thats ok - lots of people waving and smiling with kids following up behind them in the school's uniform)
10. The only child in the room was at my table. BIG mistake! My daughters questioned my sobriety on the night later in the week (after talking to the said child) and when I crumbed and displayed horror and mortification they finished with "dont worry mum - he said you were hilarious" noice.

All I can say is "FUN". I made some lovely friends out of the night so I would consider it a success despite it getting kinda messy.

Bring on summer - Shaggs is READY!!!!

Weight Loss From 27th January 2009