Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Years Resolutions for the New Year

So it had to be done, its that time of year and I've been thinking about all this stuff anyway and I might as well turn my thoughts into some kind of strategy for the new year - in other words - my New Years Resolutions.

I must preface this by saying when you start thinking about all the shoulda coulda wouldas in your life and all of the areas that need improving its really important to remember to love and accept yourself just the way you are before you can bring in change and having said that heres a list of things i would like to "bring in" in the New Year (as opposed to the old one I'm currently in).

1. Exercise (again!) no really, I wanna go there I wanna move I wanna shake my wild thing
2. Get excited about life/career again. Find some direction and move in that direction. A plan perhaps?? I dont know its 5 in the morning here???
3. Cut back on the booze (again!) no really. Theres always a reason to drink I can barely find a reason not to and then I remember my health and long term effects so I really must cut back.
4. Actually do something about the above ideas

I've already lost focus and I havent even finished the list let alone got started on it.... bah New Years is still 2 days away plenty of time yet....

I wanna hear what other people would like to change or do differently maybe then I'll feel inspired???

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Summer of Shaggs (again)

Well hello ladies (and I'm not sure so I'll throw in) and gentleman! Wow, Christmas already hey?? Dont know where to start so lets start at - My band is my baby I love that little piece of plastic and nothing reminds me more of just how much I love it than a stinking hot sweaty Melbourne summer and I am feeling suprisingly cool and loving my clothes, splashing out in colour and just generally loving it! I still have weird flashback moments when I find myself thinking or feeling like I did thirty kilos ago and then I remember like waking up from a dream that that is not my reality anymore??!! Its wonderful and surreal and very cool and comfortable! So I cracked the 77kg which takes me dangerously close to the 160 pounds (is that important??? dont think so really the numbers are truly irrelevant when you feel good anyway) HOWEVER! Seriously seriously want to and need to get into some kind of excercise and I know I've been saying this for a while but now I feel the YEARNING so thats gotta be a step up does it not???

Now speaking of exercise, here I am on Hamilton Island in Queensland (missed Oprah by a day!!!) bashing it out at the pool. And by bashing it out I mean having drinks and food brought to me and having my first ever experience of sitting on a beach sipping a Pina Colada and no I am not being a sarcastic bitch when I say that i was actually sitting on a beach sipping a Pina Colada!! Noice! It was such a beautiful time made all the more beautiful for not feeling like a huge sweaty whale and buying two of the most exquisite dresses! (One is pictured) not the best shot but I just had to show you guys the kinds of colour and pattern I am relishing in in comparison to the "uniform" you see to the left - the black top and jeans and yes that was summer!!! Just my husband and I went to Hamilton Island as a 12 year wedding anniversary present and it was truly spectacular we had such a great time but it is hard to thud back to reality!

Has anybody got any tips to help me get back into the exercise thang??? I walk the dog everyday but thats just a leisurely stroll. I wake up early enough to go in the morning but do you think I could be arsed??? Nup! I really really really need this. I live very close to a beautiful beach and it seems I have a serious dose of what I call middle class syndrome and I just cant be arsed. Theres something to be said for adversity bringing out the best in people cause deadset I'm slacking off at the moment cause things are pretty damn good. Boo frigedity hoo!!

Love you all bloggers you have no idea how much each and every one of you "touch" me if only I left comments half the time but I do just love you all!!

Be good or good at it!

PS following suit from last year and having a fill 3 days before christmas will certainly keep me in line. Should have had a fill about a month ago but have had alot on that I wanted to be relaxed for but now its all over and fill here I come!

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