Thursday, December 30, 2010

Old Years Resolutions for the New Year

So it had to be done, its that time of year and I've been thinking about all this stuff anyway and I might as well turn my thoughts into some kind of strategy for the new year - in other words - my New Years Resolutions.

I must preface this by saying when you start thinking about all the shoulda coulda wouldas in your life and all of the areas that need improving its really important to remember to love and accept yourself just the way you are before you can bring in change and having said that heres a list of things i would like to "bring in" in the New Year (as opposed to the old one I'm currently in).

1. Exercise (again!) no really, I wanna go there I wanna move I wanna shake my wild thing
2. Get excited about life/career again. Find some direction and move in that direction. A plan perhaps?? I dont know its 5 in the morning here???
3. Cut back on the booze (again!) no really. Theres always a reason to drink I can barely find a reason not to and then I remember my health and long term effects so I really must cut back.
4. Actually do something about the above ideas

I've already lost focus and I havent even finished the list let alone got started on it.... bah New Years is still 2 days away plenty of time yet....

I wanna hear what other people would like to change or do differently maybe then I'll feel inspired???


  1. Yes, but Shaggs, isn't it effin' wonderful that what's been on your New Year Resolution List since time began - now isn't?? We don't even need to spell it out. I'll go and wipe the envious grin off my face after wishing you a fabulous new year!
    Love from Caroline

  2. Hmmm.. Now you've gone and done it - what if anything should I put on my list - I think I need to think about this....

  3. Hi, I just found your blog. Way to go on those Resolutions :)


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