Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Hour Happiness

Ok I've got shedloads to do, its school holidays, its happy hour in the house of Shaggs and I'm having an afternoon wine (whine) and I'm in charge of kids who aren't biologically mine so of course, what should I do..... BLOG! Of course I've always believed we're best under pressure (ahlah Salt and Pepper "Shoop") and if it wasnt for the last minute nothing would ever get done so of course lets shoot the shit and just say, today, I've been touched by fame......

If she ever reads this, I swear I'm not a stalker but I do have a lady/blogger crush on this particular blogger alas, though, it is from afar. This particular blogger is so incredibly followed and loved she is even mentioned in a famous blogger book she is truly blog royalty. No, I'm not going to tell you who it is part of me jealously doesnt want to share her and part of me doesnt want you all to know who floats my boat (of course you all do float my boat in so many ways and I crush on you all for different reasons but I, like, want to be this woman when I grow up!). She is so naturally freaking funny, so quirky so inventive, strange and fun I just love her outlook I love what she finds on the internet and honestly, if I could be arsed, I'd follow suit and try and rip off her ideas in some way, shape or form but life's too short.

So, point of the story is, I left ANOTHER comment on one of her posts knowing and believing full well that it will get shuffled off into blogland amongst the other million comments and that would be that. I know as I say this and tell this story I think of all my beautiful blog friends out there and how much I love you all and how much I dont comment on your blogs and how much I love your comments on my blog and how much I dont comment on your comments on my blog and I feel like a right mole but you guys I consider my friends and well, she is, she's.... famous! Why does that make it ok? it doesnt but I have no other reason for this ridiculousness. So my comment mentioned how she hasnt posted for a while and could she please come back. And.............


I know how sad this is I truly know but man this woman is in another orbit. I'm sorry this STILL isnt explaining my position but anyway I've loved this womans blog since I started blogging two years ago (just as I have loved all the blogs I follow) and I truly cant believe I blipped on her radar. I dont know if its the kids whinging for food or water or my ADD or what but I've lost motivation and incentive here (maybe its because deep deep down I know you're clucking your tongues and thinking what a brainless moron I am and what would I do if Lindsay Lohan actually walked through the door) but I am honestly not a celeb junkie. I'm talking myself into a whole here just know that at 11.02 this morning for better or worse - my life changed and my existence on this strange planet we call earth was made just a little bit more special.

P.S. It doesnt really matter what she wrote ("Your comment just made me so happy" yes, her exact words!) I responded and I'm sure she now knows what a sad little creature I am but you only get one shot and in the words of our illustrious Eminem in his famous song "Lose Yourself"
"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo"

"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go"

That song means so much to me (yeah, right Eminem good one shaggs I am so not a homey but that song resonates in me - getting sadder peeps!!) I'm going to stop here before things get worse just know that man I love you all so much and I miss every one of you when you dont blog for a while I'm going now to lose myself in the music....


  1. Sheesh Shaggs - how many glasses had you had??? ! Don't feel guilty about preferring certain bloggers over others, after all we all love our friends in different ways.

    I know you know this but I'll say it anyway, cos I've been at the receiving end of various sad cyber experiences. Some of us work hard at projecting ourselves the way we really are, some create a fantasy persona, the rest are somewhere in between - but even people like me who try to be honest, I' sure don't come across as we truly are. No doubt if you met us some day you'd be disappointed (and maybe us with you, who knows????). Our cyber beings are only part of who we are, please be careful not to get hurt.


  2. Caroline - how could I not fail in cyber love with all the bloggers out there??? Really, in most cases theres no pretence and complete honesty its so much more real in so many ways than a "real" friendship. Anyway, I'll keep it on the down low and (try to) not get hurt I think its all under control but please be my voice of reason should you think its not?? Thank you for always being there in my comments I love it and I love your take on things thank you girl!!

  3. Well......that beats the shit out of my favourite blogger who is a fucking DOG. Yep....I'm in love with Buster the New York dog...and I even left a comment tonight hoping he will reply...and he is FAMOUS too!!!!
    But now I MUST know who your's is so I too can go a stalking merrily through the cyber space of weirdsville. Tell me, tell me biartch!!!!!!! PLEASE send me a message via facebook.....PLEEEEEZZZZEEEEEEE
    I know it has taken me months to catch up on your blog....but I have had ISSUES!!!! So forgive me and message me OK????


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