Friday, January 14, 2011

Where will this end?

So after reading

Judy -


Beth -

I really dont feel so alone. Judy (Stories from Judyland) did it for me when she said the worrying is back and once you start worrying you get sick of worrying and you throw in the towel and we ALL know where that ends!!!

Am I just suffering a little holiday cheer? My cycle is a little bit messed up so am I ovulating early again like last month? (ovulation always puts on about 2kg for me but goes just as quickly about a week later) Could this messed up cycle be the beginning of Menopause? Peri Menopausal I believe Oprah calls it (I'm 37 but I started my period young so it could be???? I'm realistic enough to know our hormones start dropping at 28ish so its not out of the question?!) Will the weight go again? Will I be on the other side of this next week? I've booked a fill for next Tuesday and I'm praying my band will start "working" again cause I really hate all the thought that is going into this all the snacking worrying weighing and thinking thinking thinking. being stuck at home during rainy school holidays doesnt help.

Anyway in the meantime - gonna do all I can with going over the top to the point of becoming an obsessive dieter again and obsessing my way back to 110kg again.

Just breathe - in with the good out with the bad.......


  1. Hi, I'm new. OMG. I've had more laughs reading your blog from the beginning since I don't know when. You are absolutely frigging hilarious and I love the way you write. I was howling with laughter reading the entry way back about the brazilian. You might be feeling a bit down at present, but I can just tell by reading your blog that it won't belong before you get your groove back. You look great, and I'm sure your scales will keep heading south. Thanks so much for the huge amount of fun and learning you've provided me over the last few days as I've worked my way through your blog.

  2. Oh Shaggs dear.....I am sooo sorry I have done this to you (and many others). It's just that if I can't tell it all to my blog buddies...who can I tell?
    You are just way to funny and cute and adorable!
    Happy W(h)ining!!!!


  3. You havent done anything TO me my dear but help me feel a sense of solidarity and belonging I loved the way you described "our" situations please keep telling your stories just the way you do - you really struck a chord with me and for that I thank you! And onward it is!

  4. Shaggs - I was reading something about Rosario this week, and wanted to tell you about something that's been on my mind. Last time I communicated with you I was cheeky about your husband's birthplace, and it strikes me that it could well have been offensive. If the most one can say about a place is that it's boring, it's not really worth saying, and I wouldn't blame your husband for feeling irritated if he had read it - and if so I humbly apologise. I'm frequently very homesick, and could do with any "boring" Argentine city at this moment. It was a lovely surprise to learn that you were married to an Argentine, and it's high time you visited the country to see what it's like!!
    Apologetically (?)

  5. Oh my lovely Caroline - you worry too much!! It NEVER occurred to me to be offended! Honestly, not one bit!! You can be as cheeky as you want with me my love! My friend is living in Beunos Aires at the moment for the next year - he's on facebook and posts a picture a day - it looks awesome and if you're on facebook let me know and I'll send you pics or get him to add you or whatever - you'll love it! email me at


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