Friday, March 26, 2010

The Pre-Post Post

I swear to god there's a post coming. I desperately have to update some photos (both here and on facebook) and I naively believe that for the next two weeks during our Aussie Easter School Holidays I will get heaps of time to post (ha!). But I will. I swear.

I have sooooo much news to share first and foremost:

1. I am the proud new owner of the most dazzlingly gorgeous spectacular knee high leather boots. I feel like a crazy hot arse sexy goddess stompin around in those babies. I nearly cried in the middle of Myer when I found them and they fit - I seriously had a major moment and I sent great prayers of praise to the lap band goddess herself. Far out I love this thing.

2. 85.2kg enough said

3. I am doing readings like a crazy lady purely by referrals only -lovin it - its goin off!

4. Melbourne is beyond description. Its sunny with a little cool breeze, not a hint of humidity and 31 degrees and its MARCH! Freakin love this place.

5. This band thing is paying off in the biggest way and I found out one of the ladies in the office at school has one and we're going to meetings together some time soon. I am shopping in normal shops and wearing clothes I never thought I would I am getting comments all over the place (I am a compliment slut - I'll take them wherever I can get them from whoever (except myself) sad - I know) I am all over the shop with love and wonderfulness for this thing. Freakin love it!

6. Love my blogger friends even tho I'm a bad blogger friend. Thank you all for keeping me amused even tho I'm not amusing you all.

Theres more - I swear its coming plus top pics and I think its time for a new blog skin..... I'm off a browsin....

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