Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Just cause I'm fat doesnt mean I love sugar" and other Optifast stories

So, here we are at the end of day two, it may be too early to tell but its not so bad. I dont mind the actual products and their flavours. They are a bit dry and grainy but they're kinda workable. But why oh why does everything have to be sweet? The only savoury option is the soup which I really like but thats it. I am so over artificial sweetness it takes me about 2 hours to eat the chocolate bar and the milkshake has to be almost frozen stiff - and oh what I'd give for some salt! I was just so famished this morning I just had to weigh myself to record the damage and woah - i lost 1.8kg since the morning before!

It really shits me that a fat person must automatically love sugar and chocolate. Sorry, but I'm a carb addict of the salty and savoury variety. I think I'm going to go crazy before the 2 weeks is up but so far so good. Although had a doozy of a row with the husband yesterday and I feel like I might die in my sleep if I expend too much energy getting to bed but all up, not so bad. The kids keep asking why I'm so cranky but I am also not taking any shit from anyone anymore so they have to start cleaning up after themselves and if that sounds like I'm shitty and not the typical marshmallow mum they're used to - then so be it!

I ate a huge lunch the day before Opti and didnt feel like dinner so yesterday I was starving. Today the starving is a little less and I have been cooking up some recipes with the vegies.  There's one for you in the next blog.

As you can see this blog is a little scattered and I really just dont have the brain power or kilojoule content for this kind of activity by this time of night so until next time......

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