Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Diet Coke Conspiracy

I have always been suspicious of diet coke as, and I swear this, I did not have a weight problem until I started drinking diet coke. I can never say that it is the sole reason I have a problem but it is very suspicious and worth looking into.

I read a doctor on one of the blogs (thank you for that info Skinny in Texas) mention that -

"Artificially sweetened drinks can increase appetite, resulting in a higher consumption of food, not to mention the questionable effects that artificial sweeteners have on our bodies."

So I decided to look into this as it has been an interest of mine for some years and look what I found..

Check out these sites - definitely food for thought!

I LOVE diet coke and can easily consume at least a litre a day and easily more. When I do weight watchers and any kind of food control I really cut back partly because I dont like the whole gas issue and getting pumped up and bloated but also because I'm aware of my water intake and I dont get thirsty so then no coke. And I notice a huge difference in my bloatedness and my ability to stop eating during a meal. That could be because of the wash down effect I have learnt about whilst researching the lap band. Either way I am better off with limited or no diet coke. Friends and family have also noticed this effect.

And now check this...

My husband drinks regualr coke and if he gives it up and goes to diet drinks guess what, it makes absolutely no difference to his weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, my own little science experiment in the comfort of my own home! He does not lose a single gram by going from regular coke to diet coke. And yes it is a significant amount of coke too.

I have always been interested in diet products in that most of them offer no sugar but not much else either eg: energy. Would you not be better off consuming that bit of sugar and having some extra energy to burn than fake sugar and no extra energy??? Mmmmm interesting...

I think my next blog will be all of the useful (and interesting) tips I have gathered during the 17 years I have been overweight and yes, no diet coke will be on the top of that list......


  1. Hey Shaggs!

    I have updated my blog which you can now follow along with.

    I look forward to reading yours!


  2. Yes i have always heard that diet coke is bad, and that if your going to drink it your better off drinking regular coke. I was always a regular coke drinker. i was shocked when i gave up soda's all together before surgery that i did not lose one POUND ! If you look at a lot of the 100 calorie snacks ect , they are identical to the regular products. And more expensive. All you have to do is get the regular products and break them down in smaller bags ( individual sizes) and its the same thing. The diet industry is a money making machine, so you gotta be careful with those " gimmicks" Another thing is "Healthy" food at restaurants.
    Most of the time your better off eating half a portion of the regular stuff.


  3. So true Mindy! Learnt alot about the facts and fallacies through Weight Watchers and just being smart with food - there's so much untrue stuff out there and just as many ignorant people to follow it all!


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