Thursday, February 5, 2009

In a funk again. Kind of. There's many things wrong with this week:
- Opti - need I say more
- My birthday - overindulged on wine totally ok with that but it feels like tonight I have gone back to a bit of hunger and withdrawals I want carbs badly.
- Husband been away all week - very hard, parenting alone, not much company all that goes with that
- PMT - need I say more
- The reality of surgery now that every other worry has passed (money, opti, waiting periods etc)
- Massively sore and itchy cold sore on my lip which further makes eating a shit thing to do (as if opti wasnt enough)
- Very tired, crash every night and then wide awake at 1am for hours
I know, all very minor worries but under the microscope of PMT and loneliness they're HUGE!
I also really dont believe that the weight loss to date (4.7kgs) reflects the amount of sacrifice and discomfort I have endured (woe is me!). Now I really know I'm whingeing - shitty about 4.7kgs now I'm shitting myself. Sorry guys....

I have actually been enjoying opti and have learnt so much about hunger and food etc its been all worth it just for that. Anyway, too despondant even for blogging - going now, losing the will to live.....


  1. I broke out in coldsores and got a humungous sty on my eye just after being banded!! I think it was my body getting rid of all the shit it had accumulated any way it could:)
    You are doing a great job...keep it up!!

  2. Just start each day a a new and fresh day. You can do it. Waving pom poms here for you. Go Shaggs go Shaggs!!!

    Hang in there. Not long now. You will be just fine.

    Cheers Tina

  3. Thank you Tina and everyone! You really keep me going.... 2.5 days to go!

  4. That last post was actually from me! Husband came home yesterday and was staring because I'd lost so much weight while he was gone. woo hoo!


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