Monday, February 9, 2009

Its Christmas Eve here in our house!

Just a quick post. Gotten over the melancholy of the nightly news showing the devastation of the Victoria fires and now back to feeling sick for myself. Very excited and quite a bit nervous. The only thing I can pin point is just the view of the world when you're laid out on a guerny being wheeled into an op theatre (shudder!). PSD from the c sections I guess. They've promised me some pretty drugs to help my cope with the wait unfortunately they dont home deliver the night before and I have to wait until the morning. So I'm in there at 11.30am and I'm first off the rank at 1pm. Fingers crossed. I may have a cardiac arrest before then.

Looking at the world and cracking jokes like I'll never be back here again boo frigetty hoo for me. Cant concentrate enough to write anymore only to say that I rode the wave last night and all is good between me and husband today and I have reinstated my old will leaving everything to him - it no longer goes to the cat refuge.

See you on the flip side!


  1. I like the cat refuge idea!!...better than leaving it to my three farking ungrateful step kids!!!
    You will be "out the other side" by now:) I just know everything went well and I can't wait to hear about it. Don't be afraid to yell out if you want to know something or ask a question. You know....farting, burping, and other bodily function questions:) And don't be alarmed if you have a few "what the fuck have I done" moments in the first week or so.....that's normal.

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