Saturday, February 7, 2009

We put the "Fun" in Dysfunctional!

2 days to go!! This time next week it will be all over (and then the real work begins LOL) Feeling pretty good today. Would like to scoff but that's just for entertainment. Instead I have been cleaning out cupboards etc and planning for the week ahead. I have nightmares about after my c sections and my inept (or lazy whichever you prefer) husband didnt cope very well and I was left holding the pan and doing everything as per usual resulting in some pretty hard core scar tissue. He cant handle the domestic and culinary chaos ie; doing more than one thing at a time and that includes breathing. And not only does he do a crap job but he criticises the job that I do and when everything goes haywire for him he still blames me. It gives me a royal case of the shits but really, I have to let go of that. This just might be my chance to get some back and let go of some of the resentment I hold towards the previous situations (ha ha funny aren't I). Lets just say that the soundtrack to the Xbox game Metal Gear Solid reminds me vividly of when my first baby was born, Max Payne was baby number 2 and baby number 3 was Halo. How would we ever catch up with the latest game if it weren't for carers leave? My husband would like to say why look to the past to find a reason to hate me when you're a bitch to me right now and all to the soundtrack of PS3's Little Big Planet I might add. It seems carers leave has begun! He thinks I need to go years into the past to find something to complain about. HA! If five minutes ago is the past then I wish I had severe short term memory loss a lah 50 first dates. Oh how in love we'd be! So we'll see how much of my rock he turns out to be this week. I have my parents next door but they dont know about this and if I can at all avoid it - I wont tell them - and even if I did tell them theres a jolly good chance my mother wont speak to me for a few weeks because of her emotional retardation as witnessed each time she found out I was pregnant. Fun.

Seriously, it does concern me, I hate that feeling of relying on someone else, its very frustrating especially someone as critical, inept and uncompromising as my husband.

On the positive side, he did comment yesterday when he got home after a week away in amazement at how much weight I had lost! Yay! Pathetic little puppy me for being flattered.

So, if you hadnt noticed - bring on the visit from Aunt Flo cause even I'm hating me at the moment!

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