Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Week Bandiversary and the Chew and Spit!

Its been a week and its all going great guns! The restriction feels a little less today but I have been kinda grazing (sipping here and there) rather than having a sit down slurp. Stopped Celebrex (anitinflammatory) yesterday and I do feel quite a pull on the port scar but that could also be from rolling around in bed last night (not the good kind of rolling around but just trying to get comfy). Told some mum's today at school that I got my gall bladder out - had to because I've been ignoring them and you cant step on toes at school when your kids are involved. So I go home and read up on gall bladders and did you know that there is a huge risk of gall stones with dramatic weight loss? I may have to get my gall bladder out twice!

So, the chew and spit - at the risk of losing friends - here goes. Actually dont feel like doing it today but man what a lifesaver it is! When it all gets tooooo much and you just want to lash out (I know how filthy and psychologically f$%^d up this sounds but it is so great at this stage and alot of people do it) you get the most yummy textured prohibited food (preferably carb, if you're going to do it do it properly) have a good huge mouthful just like you did in your gorging days and chew and chew and crunch and enjoy that texture and taste and everything that it has to offer and then when you have completely depleted that mouthful - spit it out! Now have a sip of your optifast shake or similar low fat feral "allowed" drinks or foods and wash down the flavour making sure you keep a tab on any residues left in your mouth (they can build up in your band). Repeat step 1 and enjoy! I have found myself full and satisfied on lebanese pizza, a calamari ring and a piece of toast with real butter. Yum! I know I shouldnt make a habit of this. I'm sure there's some kind of nervosa situation for it but until I can eat normal foods again (albeit in small quantities) I will continue to preserve my sanity in the above manner. Make sure you are discreet with your spits, it can be very gross for anyone around you, they'll be gawking in disbelief and you can giggle with delight at the awesome flavours and textures available to you with no strings attached!

Before you all freak at what a f$%&d up individual I am, have a read around and you'll find alot of people doing it in the extremely tough liquid stages or, better still, give it a go! What have you got to lose? (other than a mouthful of food). And if anyone tries to stop you and tell you that you're wasting good food, give them an Optifast shake (preferrably 3 weeks straight of them) and then they can comment.


  1. Lol.....whatever works I say!!! How about a lime spider...refer to my blog:) You are doing really well. Keep up the good work!

  2. I dont think your a f&*ked up person for doing that , HOWEVER I have to say IF your going to do this I DONT recommend taking HUGE mouthfuls of stuff , i recommend taking small bites, your less likely to swallow something by accident if you dont have a huge mouth ful . I will admit I did this a few times and I dont recommend doing it OFTEN or you WILL end up saying "SCREW IT " and swallowing . But I did this once with a corn dog and all my husband saw was me taking the bite of the corn dog and he FREAKED THE HELL OUT !! I told him " Im going to spit it out " and he said " what the HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU " LOL
    BUT again I dont recommend big mouthfuls your more likely to lose control if you do it that way in my opinion .
    And yes weight loss can cause your gall bladder to go bad. BUT family history has a lot to do with it as well. if your mom , aunts, grandmother all still have their gallbladders then I would not be REALLY worried about it.
    The 2 things that are known for causing gallbladder problems are pregnancy and weight loss.
    One way to avoid it is to stay hydrated.
    I had mine out 8 weeks after i had my son .

  3. Hey little sis, what a brilliant writer you are. You totally crack me up.
    Keep up the hard work and think of the things we can do when we shed this excess weight. I've listed a few for you (not that you need help in the imagination arena).
    1. Dance & stomp to our heart's content without causing an earthquake.
    2. Jump in a pool or the ocean without causing a tsunami.
    3. Move to the same side of the room without causing the earth to tilt on its axis.
    How liberated and free we will feel.
    I am so very proud of you Shanstar and love you so very much.
    Kimbles xxxooo

  4. I am with Nola! Whatever works for you go for it i say. I know of many banded people who have done this and it worked for them too. Just having the will power to spit that yummy food out of your mouth now that is the fantastic will power that you could be proud of. Just be careful it is not too big of a mouthful and you don't get tempted to swallow;O)
    Cheers Tina


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