Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I request the right to remain silent

I'm home. Everything went well. I'm in worlds of discomfort and pain I never knew existed. No one ever told me it was going to be like this. I dont want to reveal too much cause I think everything will be so much better tomorrow and right now everything is tainted with the dark glasses of gas pain and extreme tiredness. So until later.....

PS Did I mention that I'm still so glad I did it!


  1. WOO HOO!!!!! I've been wondering how you were going.

    Get plenty of rest and keep up with the pain relief!

    The first couple of days are the worst. Just remember, each day it gets better and better!


  2. Hi there, I just followed Bel's direction to give you a shout out.. I can sympathise with you. Bel and I had our bands done on the same day.. So today is out 2 week bandiversary.. Take it easy, and know that it will get much better soon. In 2 weeks time you will be so glad you made this step.. I wish you all the luck and a speedy recovery time.

  3. Thank you guys! Nice to know someone cares and knows what I'm going through! Today is much better but I would still like it over with now! Love watching your progress Bel its awesome must check out you blog Jennene but enough for now must rest

  4. 10 days is what I have seen with me and most others to feel "normal" again. Of course, you and I will NEVER be "normal".....but back to your old self anyway:)
    I didn't suffer from the gas pain but I found just shuffling around when I could made the world of difference. Move when you can and use a heat pack of some description and medicate, medicate, medicate!! lol
    Also, sucking on peppermints helps the gas thing. Those ones with a smooth coating that look like a giant smartie are the best.
    One thing I can tell you in all honesty is it WILL improve.,....and your life is about to take a turn for the better......hang in there!!!!
    Oh....looks like I have to go farking anon again!!!! geezzzzzz

  5. Love the peppermint idea. I've got some peppermint mentos and they make a huge difference to the gas and the unsettled tummy with a little sugar hit too! All round good guy! Love it thanks for that tip Nola!


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