Monday, May 4, 2009

Back by unpopular demand

So what do you want to hear? Yes, I was blessed with some minor form of restriciton a week after my second fill. Yes, I am still hungry and yearning for food but I have learnt to overcome that by either eating sloppy, greasy, fatty foods that slide on down or take little nibbles and eat very slowly the foods I really should be eating. Either way I have enormous capacity, little pain and consequently have only barely managed to shift approx 1kg of the debacle we'll call my first fill. I have lost all interest in blogging (cant you tell by the lack of signature hilarity in this post). I have all the bad aspects of the band with none of the good. I have gotten royally stuck, found solitude and refuge in the backyard and puked continuously in pot plants with every two steps I took like a cockroach. Havent done that since 90 cent mozelles at Revesby Workers Club circa 1990. I can go the rest of my life without eating another chip thanks to that little stroll around the estate. Fun. I have now eaten myself into a state of non restriction again and shall now proceed onto the "two steps back phase" of my "one step forward two steps back monthly diet plan". And that is my idea of "living with a band".

Other than the band, my life has been rather grand. Work is taking off. Size 18 jeans are too big (size 16 too small) so officially a size 17 now! Yay! I've gone down 5 sizes from a 22 to a 17!!! Brilliant. Everyone is well. No one has swine, bird or tortoise flu. School holidays are over and we're back in Shaggstime. Winter is here which means comfortably getting away with covering every square cm of my body and wearing a lot of black. Nothing like a black turtle neck to bring out the jawline and cheek bones and is there anything better for straight hair than cold, dry, windy weather? Big scarves that cover your apron and add colour but not size to an outfit. Hot, savoury winter foods. Bad weather being a great excuse to stay in and get pissed on thick, sweet port and juicy red wines. Hunter Valley weekends away. Cheese that doesnt go off in the heat after 5 minutes out of the fridge. Slow cooked foods. Chocolate shots from Fox Studio food markets. Ahhhh winter....... size 17 jeans and 4kg of thermal fat.

I must release you from my malaise. You are all far too good for me (as the follower who has left the fold has already realised). I have been reading all your blogs and love them all but I lose patience and get hungry trying to post comments and waiting for my decoding word thingy to load. Sorry about that - always had a problem committing to the responsibilites of friendship but then thats another post. I understand if none of you are here when I get back, I really do.


  1. Yaaaay... Welcome back Shaggs... Winter, such a good time for eating and getting on the turps.. And of course covering all lumps and bumps under the heavy warm clothes..
    xx nene

  2. WELCOME BACK!!! Sheezus... I was checking back here.. lest i forget... lol...


    L x


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