Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Holiday Fun

So I didnt die over night with an eroded band and I'm here to tell the story that I love this fill and my band and I saw 88kg today. Admittedly the scales couldnt decide whether to stay 88.8 or go to 90 and since they only move in . 2 increments it could have been and 88.9 either way I saw the good side of 90 and I'm happy.

Its school holidays here and I'm actually surviving and maintaining a reasonable level of sanity. The fill has laid off a little which is reassuring and I was able to eat some lasagne last night which REALLY filled me up and wasnt really that much. I do, however, find that it does still go down rather quickly!? Maybe I need to try something more solid before I pass judgement but I did get VERY full on a VERY small amount - thank you Mr Band and my gun slinging, rootin tootin cowboy doctor.

My beautiful little poodle puppy Peter has now learnt to pick up his own lead and basically ask to go for a walk and will not enter back into our driveway until he is spent so walking it is for me now.

I now take back everything I said about school holidays - stay tuned on youtube for footage of a mother going medieval on her three little farts.


  1. LOL, How cute is Peter.. and a good "leading"a good example for you too.
    As for the holidays.. I wont even go there.. I am desperately in need of some me time.. constant freakin sleep overs..
    As for your weigh in.. woohoo, way to go, the only way is down.. so we hope.. and just be a little more cautious of it in the mornings, as I have found that I cant tolerate much more than liquid in the mornings..
    xx Nene

  2. Well, sounds like the cowboy might just have done the trick this time!? I will be interested to see how you feel about a week down the line.....I go on Friday..... la, la, la.....woop, woop!!...getting excited here:)


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