Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fill er up!

So, we're down to losing the same two kilos over and over again except these two kilos are the 89 and 90 mark and not the 95 96 or otherwise. And tonight, for the first time in 3 months I am going for a fill! Or am I? By the time I get there tonight wearing a pair of jeans and a day's worth of food under my belt I will weigh the same as I did 3 months ago at my last fill (that was in the morning and I dont think wearing jeans) which is approx 92kgs. Now, the doctor of course will probably reach for the fill needle but I'm just not so sure.

Reasons why I should be filled:

Not very impressive weight loss (if any)
Can and will eat more than a side plate full
Hungry about 1.5 - 2 hours after eating
Still feeling hungry
Can eat almost anything without too much of a problem
I can feel the food has left my stomach about 10 minutes after eating

Reasons why I shouldnt be filled:

Still get stuck (but could this be my own stupid fault)
Tend towards the sloppy fatty foods when prone to getting stuck
General trend is weight loss not gain
Can maintain a sustainable level of satisfaction if I eat properly and follow rules (but it can be trying)

So, to fill or not to fill??? I still have not reached Utopia (total disinterest in food as per post op). I have listened to long term bandsters saying they cannot do ANY of the things I do on a daily basis eg: eat bread, eat fast, eat almost anything. I would LOVE to lose some serious weight for this whole thing they call summer. I'm starting to remember the horror and total self destruction of getting around on 40 degree (celsius) days sweating like a pig covered up in winter clothes. But am I ready to go back to getting stuck like a dog all the time? Maybe I am, its only the stupid snacking, eating out and shit foods that get stuck anyway its not really the tight band. I've had a taste - I got used to it I hit the 80's and I think I'm ready for more.

Maybe just a little top up and see how that goes???

Maybe its up to the doctor?

We'll see.....

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  1. You seem to be having a good old time when it comes to food.. You can eat what you want and pretty much as much as you want.. This I dont believe should be the case.. bread is one of the things that would have helped put the weight on in the first place.. So if you dont get a fill, try to do your best to avoid it. Also, reguardless of a fill or not.. Try to eat slower. I know it is a hard habbit to learn, especcially when the food is good or you are genuinely hungry, but believe me, it helps.
    My band is tight enough for me not to feel like food, and actually not feel hungry. It is a good feeling, but then I dont know if part of that is just fear of not wanting to get stuck. lol.. I do think that you may need a fill, as you got this band to HELP you lose the weight, not hover at the same 2kgs.. even if it is just a tiny tiny fraction of a fill, it may make all the difference.
    Good Luck
    xx Nene


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