Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Me and My Cowboy (Doctor, that is)

So drove the one hour to get to the doctor last night and boy was he worth it!!! And boy am I filled!!! (We may all look back to this post and sigh with regret when I am hospitalised with an eroded band) BUT - I am loving this! Just the feeling of air in my stomach is filling YAY! I can feel summer coming on!

Finally I feel some respect and reverence for the band and this whole procedure. Now I wouldnt dare not be on liquids for a day and then mushies. I wouldnt dare scull diet coke after red meat. Perhaps the band is going to force me into following the rules YAY! WOW!! Could this be the beginnings of Utopia (or a major health scare)? either way I'm loving this. I can feel liquids go down! Thats cool! I've had a cappuccino and an opti filth soup for breakfast and morning tea and I could feel it all go down. Can you believe I am in such a good place I could actually consume (voluntarily) opti? Anyhow, I am going to have to be REALLY careful with this one. Wow, isnt this how it should always be? Careful or dead. Sounds like a plan Stan. This sounds like the bandsters I met in the beginning who were really successful, they were also REALLY careful.

So my doctor was great. Very knowledgeable and comforting with a dash of cowboy. HE asked me all the questions and then TOLD me what we were going to do. No thinking required of me whatsoever! Loved it! Love being dominated except when I dont. Probably shouldnt have got a whole half a ml (.25 would have been fine) but really, lets stop stuffing around. Lets at least try being really over filled so we have base line but I am secretly hoping the fill lays off just tiny bit (I guess it will this is just day one after all) I'd be really reluctant to eat solids the way I feel right now BUT - THATS HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! YAY!!!!!! I have a lapband. I have been getting kind of funny telling any new friends I have a lapband which would suggest some kind of restricted diet or eating and I'm pretty much chowing down on anything (and occaisionally running for a quick chuck). Now I really am going to have to be a high maintenance eater. And once again YAY!

So me and my cowboy have a secret meeting place for our next hook up - I'm not allowed to tell anyone about it as no one knows. He sometimes visits a clinic close to my house so instead of mustering my big ol' cowhide an hour away I can conveniently trot myself off just 20 minutes away - noice! Thanks cowboy - you made my day!

Oh and of course - he's not too bad on the eye either! (If you like the older man situation which I know many of you out there would appreciate!)


  1. Fantastic.. Glad you got the fill, just make sure that when you do eat solid, and even mushys that you chew chew chew.. I have learned the hard way.. lol..
    Mine feel a whole lot tighter in the mornings, so much so that I am struggling to finish a cup of tea, but by mid afternoon, I am all good to chow down, slowly and gently.. but its a great feeling, not wanting food all damn day long..
    Good Luck
    xx Nene

  2. Ohhh... you're sounding so much more positive :)

    That's greeeeat! Love that pic!

    L x


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