Thursday, March 5, 2009

A deletable post

I should probably delete this post but here it is anyway.

I'm pretty bored. I can tell because I'm baking shit I cant eat. Well, I can but I dont really like it all that much. I also know I'm bored because I have been nibbling away all day. I have pulled myself up since lunch, but anyway, I'm bored.

I woke up this morning feeling A1, still feel really good, just bored. I was looking in the mirror this morning and just couldnt believe what I was looking at. I just loved myself sick! My husband tried to give me some spiel last night about food intake going up and some stupid shit about eating more or something - I really cant remember what exactly but the point of the story was, he was trying to argue a point with a professional dieter and now bander and homey dont play that! I just cut him off cause he clearly didnt know what he was talking about and I wasnt going to argue - it was some shit about a fill not being able to restrict you. Duh like he'd know. Anyway I think out of all the people I havent told about the band maybe he was the one I really shouldnt have told? He was pretty chuffed this morning as we looked in the mirror and he acknowledges with a huge smile how much weight I've lost, he can be so supportive but then a total prick - not that he means it necessarily. Anyway its kinda like living with a food Nazi and right now I'm so in control its a bit of an offence to think that someone is watching over your shoulder and dictating to you. Its actually not gotten quite that bad or even close but its a thought. or maybe I'm just bored. Time to do something, just dont know what.

I went to the SIOS (Sydney Institute of Obesity Surgery) monthly group meeting on Tuesday night. Tops! Love it! Still amazed at how generous experienced banders are with their time and knowledge - we gas bagged til 10.30pm in the carpark. That was over 4 hours straight of solid gas bagging! The banders are so great at holding your hand and listening to your naive gripes about trivial band crap and give such great advice and reassurance. Spent another night this week on the lap band chat room - once again, tops. A total must to have good knowledgable support especially if you dont have it in real life - online is awesome and should NEVER be underestimated. We all seem to take turns at feeling good and bad and helping each other out. Everyone needs reminding of the good things they have achieved and how most of the bad things are just a phase or completely normal under the circumstances.

Anyway, as life would have it I must return to my post as a mother and cleaner. I'm sorry for this boring post, I promise next one will be better, I'm just bored.


  1. Shaggs, ur posts are never boring. I dont know what it is with men.. Mine is still trying to dictate to me, of what is good, and what isn't, and the line that is most often said is "I dont know what could be so hard about losing weight, I could lose 30kgs easily if i had to."... meanwhile he weights around 68kgs. LMAO... I guess those who dont have weight issues, will never truely know. I always get defensive. I have a coke zero (flat) and he says I should be drinking water... FARK the water.. I'm so done with the frigging water... LOL...
    I too have had a very boring day.. My daughter is sick with astma, and is being a lounge lizard and sleeping, so I been online cruising around the lapband forum, and playing with my blog..
    I need to check out if there is a lapband meeting up here, it would be good to go to.
    Today I just feel like I havent lost any weight,I mean I know I must be, but it is nowhere near fast enough for my liking.. I guess its just one of those days..Ohh and as for the baking, I got right into that a few weeks ago.. but I'm over it now..

  2. If that was my hubby, I'd be telling him to pull his head in! This is your battle (which will be won), not theirs! It's oh so easy to sit back and judge other's actions and responses, but as the old saying goes.... unless you walk a mile in their shoes!

    To get to a point of having the band, in my opinion we are all pretty much obsessing about our weight 24/7. Our lives are being run, or should I say ruined by how our clothes fit and what the scales say.

    We'll have to get together so I can show you my very well crafted 'death stare'. Works a treat on me mans! ;o)


  3. Anyone would think you are farking bored!!! I wish we had a lapband support group or something or like. There are some benefits to city living!! What is the address for that chat room thingy...I want to go there:(..wahhhhh

  4. I just realised Nola I never sent you the address for the chat room - lazy mole that I am. Its on and hit the chat button. Also, go to the australian sub forum its tops. find me, I'm shaggs. Would luv to chat with you girl!


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