Monday, March 2, 2009

Cleaning in the pursuit of purity and other hangover cures

It a well known fact in these parts that I suffer from a weird kind of hangover. Sure I get really thirsty and a touch of a dehydration headache but the best thing of all is I get totally hyperactive and go on absolute cleaning frenzy!!! I believe its a psychological "cleaning in the pursuit of some kind of purity and detoxification".

Maybe its because my mother always used to make me have a shower when I got home from a session of total putridness on the turps - I believe her words were "Go and wash the filth of the streets off you". Either way, I love it!

So take it back a step and yes, I indulged last night. Husband away, bit bored and lonely so I get stuck in. First real drinking session since the band. Got pleasantly mangled on one bottle over about 4 hours, left my dinner for 11pm cause I knew I'd eat once I'd drunk my inhibitions away (oh how I'm growing up!) so the scales were good to me this morning and I woke up with a scorching case of the cleaning frenzies. I figure this was my exercise also. I cleaned and scrubbed my way through the entire house cleaning dirt and dust no one would even know existed.

Sometimes I love the person I am, its a shame it takes 8 standard drinks to bring out the love, but at least its accessible in some form. I have always done this, it didnt matter if I had dossed at some random strangers house. I'd pick my way through the unconcious bodies and start cleaning some rank anonymous kitchen, clearing away the sins of the previous night (getting rid of the empty beer bottles is my favourite) cleaning up after a party is my kinda heaven. There just wasnt enough hours today for the kind of energy I had.

On a normal day, I'm a slob. Anything is more important than cleaning. I justify it by saying that I'll never remember cleaning on my death bed but I'll always remember whatever it was I was enjoying instead of cleaning. But give me too much to drink and I turn into Mrs Sheen. I have often been heard saying that alcohol makes me a better person and who can argue the evidence looking around at my sparkling clean house today! So the point of the story is, I've had a top day. I've barely thought about food (I would usually eat my way to wellness after a binge drink) I've worked my butt off and I have a house that requires visitors to witness the magnificence - after all - why clean a house if no ones going to appreciate it?


  1. Oh I know what you mean about having a clean house and no visitors.. Whenever we have someone coming over for a planned get together, I get into the ultimate spring clean mode.. But it always tends to be that when someone just pops in unplanned, it is when the house is at it's worst.. Of course there are the people, like family and close friends who know I am not super woman and have a picture perfect household all the time.. Tell me what person, with kids and working has a spotless home? I wish I had the same magic that your hangovers give you. Heck, I would be drinking nealry every day. LOL..
    In any case, I hope you enjoyed your first drinks..
    Oh and the memories you brought back by mentioning the early years, all piling into someones crammy apartment, a sea of ciggarette and alcohol stinking bodies, only my memory wasnt of cleaning the kitchen, mine was of curling up in the featal position under a steaming hot shower untill the water ran cold.. Only to get back up and do it all again the next night.. Ohh the good old days. LOL


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