Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Perfect Sunset

Sorry, just had to post this I'm so bored with seeing my fat calf in a too small boot every time I open internet explorer.

Cue elevator music (instrumental "Girl from Impanema") and for your viewing pleasure......

this is sunset at our local beach...... (thats my 3 babies - their blog debut!)

I just never get tired of looking at this picture.......

It stirs something inside me in a way that (for once in my life) food just cannot do.......

Everyone rubbishes Melbourne for its weather etc but man, this is God's country! Best kept secret in Australia - no one would EVER know Melbourne has dazzling crystal clear beaches that compete only with the Whitsundays. And summer is GLORIOUS! All the heat of the tropical areas (like Sydney and Queensland) but with none of the humidity. This is the first summer in about 12 years I havent gained weight - I'm not bloated and swollen and dehydrated from constant sweating.

Life is truly beautiful! Remember - sometimes your dreams come true in the way you least expect them to!


  1. Beautiful! Makes all the snow and cold we have go away for just a few minutes. Thanks. Just found your blog and hope you don't mind if I follow. Will have to return to read it all.

  2. That is really an awesome picture!

    but then again...

    so was the one of your boot

  3. Hey luvly, you really should see about getting that pic transfered to canvas.. that one must really get put out on show.. Its so beautiful. In my view, has has a real spiritual look to it too. Have you also been hiding your talents as a professional photographer Miss Shaggs?? Isnt is also great not be be sweating and heavy breathing every time the temp goes above 30.. Its a first for me, in a very long time too.
    Cant wait to see your vlog.. Please note, it takes a long time to upload, so be patient.. lol
    xx Nene

  4. Absolutely beautiful photo!! I agree with Nene....get it put on canvas. I too am experiencing my first summer in a long, long time where the heat is not affecting me as much. No chaffing with bleeding thighs and all that fun stuff!!!


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