Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where will it all end?????

Yes a year came and went. Yes I saw 86kg on the dot today - in the words of our lovely Nene - just a bowel movement away from 85kg! And it seems my boobs are getting bigger. Yep - an 18 - 20 DD translates to a 14 F! Yes F. I've told you before the gagongas just keep on keeping on and now its confirmed. I was wrestled and counselled and fitted at the local Bra's n Things and I walked out with five 14F bras with undies to match. Yes thats F. F for freakin fabulous. Farkin fantastic. Freakishly foolishly F cup femme fatale! Yep thats me. So where are we when (if) we get to size eight?? G H or maybe M cup for "My God! Magnificent M Mammaries"!!???? Will there be room in the bed??? Will my children recognise me? Will people stop me in the streets to feed their starving children???

By the way - this woman is NOT actually me. Yes it looks like me - like - EXACTLY! No I do not have a twin sister no I have not been "paparazzied" while vacationing in Cannes.

This is NOT me.

I've got MUCH worse pics of me in a cozzie.


  1. That picture cracked me up! I had a breast reduction and was probably an E or so at that point. Hated those I cut them off! Good luck.

  2. Great going on the 86 pounds. I too had a breast reduction and am sitting at a C cup. My SIL mentioned she is at an H. Never knew they got up that far. I guess when they get to Z (like the girl in the pic) they start doubling the letters, like ZZ. Too funny but enjoy them while they are still up top!

  3. My math sucks-just read the post again but still wonderful weight loss of almost 18 kgs (almost 40 pounds) Nice Work!

  4. OMG, that picture is out of control! Holy Moly! You crack me up.

  5. I'm afraid I was one of the traitors who thought it really WAS you!! Bloody hell Shaggs, I thought, you've been on Photoshop with those...

    I'm soooo pleased to you, and I've QUITE forgotten the moaning minnie you were this time last year, when I despaired of persuading you that you were totally and utterly and completely normal - just funnier than most.


  6. Wow...just found your are hilarious...and another too. Well done on the losses.

  7. Wow! Here my post today was bemoaning the fact that my "girls" are hanging down totally now! If this were you, I was going to say, compared to you, I don't have any breasts!! LOL I am a size 48DD, which is not small here in the US!

  8. Hiya, love your blog. I just nominated it for a Best Blogger Award over at my blog
    Keep up the good work!


  9. Ummmmm actually....I thought you had photoshopped yourself !! Rejoice in the fact that you shall never know the pain of a broken nose!!


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