Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Love (or evil) that Dare Not Speak Its Name - Zantac

I would just love to keep on keepin on with the bloggin thang so here's all the shite - boring tidbits and all.

1. For the first time in a long time I am kinda outta control with the eating?? Very strange sensation. And I think I know the culprit. I have discovered Zantac. This is a pretty high potency antacid and whenever I take one its like my band does not exist. I can pretty much eat anything and these babies have 12 hour effectiveness so you're completely farked for a day!!!!! What!!!!! I discovered them by accident when far too much champagne and spicy food caused me to feel a "little uncomfortable". Now this would be a good thing if you know you're going for a special meal or a smorgo but man, I feel like a very wrong lil person right about now. I should NOT know this. And neither should you so forget everything I just told you....

2. I am sitting on an all time low. Sticking to the 86's (86 kgs or 189 pounds yes still a fattie) but I'm stoked but not sure how long the stokedness is going to last considering the Zantac effect and all.

3. Call me sad but this week I have found validation in the fact that I have found myself the recipient of four (4) blogger awards. Thats farkin amazing!!!! I may not have many "real life" friends but man, you cyber pals are GOING OFF!!!! I am going to address this issue in my next post but right now I have had too much chardonnary (wow that was my REAL spelling attempt) and cant track all the beautiful people I want to mention and cant risk leaving anyone out - you're all so freakin awesome and the reason I get online everyday. Just get another chardonnary before I continue.....

4. Dont have another fill til 20th April - enough said

5. Going into Zantac rehab as of tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on the DT's, sweats, stuck episodes and PBing.

6. Dont go near Zantac - very evil stuff - the band you're having when you're not having a band.

7. I have discovered this over the past week my research is detailed and conclusive - avoid Zantac at all costs!!!!! (depending on the desired outcome)

8. My research has made me wonder how much of my restriction is real "fill" and how much is swelling and bad reactions.... mmmmm.... interesting???

9. I have been reading over my blog to see what those 4 people found appealing and actually, many of the dreams I have dreamt in this forum have come true! thank you OGB's!! I read out my request for a new friend to my new friend (BFF for the past 6 months can you believe I've been in Melbourne for over 7 months) and we laughed at how perfectly the OGB's got it. She was tailored made for me! Love her!

10. And last but not least - I really have nothing to say..... best thing in my life at the moment is that my baby (AKA Damien) started school 4 weeks ago and I am Shaggs of the Eternally Luxurious. I have been doing readings but mostly, just going for massages coffees lunches etc etc. I am lovng my life. After 11 years of suffering some form of morning sickness, sleep deprivation, mastitis, toddler tantrums, playgroups and bored 4 year olds I am FREE AS A BIRD!!!!!!!!!!! Well, from 9 - 3.30 4 days a week til mid march. AND LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. 5 Can someone please explain how the fark they watch Cougar Town???????

I really love you all ( thats not the chardonnary speaking) and I'll show you all in my next post I promise (fark I'm a drunk naughty concillatory husband!). I think one of the reasons I'm holding off doing my blog awards is because quite a few of the blogs I love dont even know I'm alive.... its unrequieted blog love..... poor me I'm just one of their 4 bagillion followers (bring on the paralysing chardonnary).... oi lurrrve u allllll.....

My shit blog wont insert a funny picture about what a reject I am..... thats how rejected I AM!


  1. OMG - I love this post. You are too freaking funny and I'm not surprised you were nominated at all! I love your blog!

  2. Oh Mi Gawd I luurvve you too! No I'm not drunk anymore I just REALLY need a coffee (and maybe a berocca??? Definitely not a Zantac!!!) Have to go and check on all the wrong and broken comments I left on facebook last night while half tanked. Have a great Thursday girl!

  3. LOL, i would so love to meet up and have some chardy's.. would be an absolute scream..
    Luv ur stuff gorgeous!!
    xx Nene

  4. Too funny...good luck with the Zantac withdrawals

  5. Shaggs - you are doing so well! Your weight loss has been fantastic.

    Throw the Zantac OUT..... now!


  6. You're on Facebook???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask me to be your friend immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can be found as NolaM I think..... we could have drunken INSTANT whining chat together!!

  7. Still on Zantac? So what's going on in Melbourne then - do you go out and about a lot, or is it all Stepford Wives? (Can't see you as one, I must admit!!)


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