Friday, January 22, 2010

And the love continues.....

I'm trying to find the right words to express my latest love and novelty but theres just no entertaining way of saying - I am the proud owner of a treadmill!!! And I have shaken off the festive 2kgs Santa left in his sack for me just by having it in my house for the past week! I am beside myself with delight!!!

For all the spec junkies out there - it is a Bodyscience T940 as pictured (cant show you a pic of me on it as I am not usually very appropriately dressed for it). It is 2.5 horsepower with a little wider belt than most (43cm) goes to 16km per hour (never going to happen here!) and has a bottle holder as well as mobile phone and tv remote control holders (i'm pretty sure thats what that extra bottle holder is for). I'm just freaking in love! I jump on and off all day long, I watch Oprah, I catch up with friends on the phone I do five minutes here and there and I can feel and see the difference!!

I bought the treadmill second hand (same price as hiring for 6 months) and this particular model still has a good re-sale value as I am not at all delusional about the fact that I will probably be out of love in approx 3 weeks. I have it strategically placed next to the window for the beautiful view of the estate which happens to be right next to the telly (a quick nudge and its facing me and my treadmill) and is also conveniently located directly under my refridgerated air conditioning vent. I am not at all precious about where when how or what I am dressed in when I jump on and have been known to get on in my PJ's, barefoot and with no bra on (although I have learnt to wear bike shorts to avoid chaffin'). I am drinking water by the gallon and my skin is gorgeous and my cellulite and lumps and bumps are starting to smooth out. I'm drinking less alcohol and eating better (altho i need another fill - booked in for 9th feb) Far out am I in love! I'm on farking FIRE!!!

To give you an idea of the forces of destiny that lead me to my beautiful new pal I'll tell you the story of how we came to be together. Call me a nutter I know and accuse me of making something out of nothing but this is how my life with the Oooger Boogers (also known as the OGB's) works. It all started when my sister in law picked up a free treadmill and it got me thinking about having one in the home. I always loved the gym but get bogged down by when you can and cant go and the kind of scaffolding that goes into keeping my DD's contained while I jiggle away on the treadmill, the sweat, the fashions, the boredom and the need to jog everytime the personal trainer walks onto the gym floor etc etc.

So I researched many different treadmills and since I had to collect it myself it had to be within driving distance. During this time and for the weeks before I kept finding a St Christopher medal popping up around the house. I'm not religious at all but I know that St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and I'm sure he was a good guy and all and I went to St Christophers primary school and I dig on all things freaky so I was wondering what it meant when he kept popping his little head up. Well, I found a treadmill I liked and it was listed by a "Christopher St Albans" which appeared to my addled brain as St Christopher not Christopher of St Albans and walking is travelling and St Albans is quite a way to travel from here but anyhoo I tried to ring the guy but didnt get a response even though I knew the OGB's were telling me this was my treadmill.

So I kept looking and I bid on some on ebay and I lost them all, negotiated with some etc etc and nothing came up when 3 days later St Christopher called and lo and behold the treadmill was not yet sold and he came down fifty bucks and we made a deal and went to pick it up. And of course when I turned up St Christopher was a priest. Of course. Thank you OGB's.

Does anyway else find this freaky and funny or is it just my need to find the OGB's in all that I do?

Oh and just in case you think I've forgotten - sorry I havent blogged for a while - I have been keeping up to date with all your stories even if I dont get to comment you're all in my heart all the time and I feel very priviledged to know you all!


  1. Your way with words tickles my heart! I tried to do WiiFit in my undies once...but once I got to yoga things got ugly.

  2. Amy I am just staggered at your ability to keep up with blogging and comments! You are blogalicious! How are you not blogged down??? I am busting at the seams to read all your posts I love your "style" and I am almost nervous about watching one of your vlogs cause what if you're not as spectacular in real life as you are in my idealised fantasy world where you exist as my BFF???? Its very overwhelming. I think I'm gonna lurve u anyway - I'll keep you posted altho not sure I'll comment - you see I'm completely blogtarded - are you breaking your knuckles yet at how embarassingly wrong my blog puns are?

  3. Woohoo, bout freakin time you popped up and told us all whats goin on in your life..Now you have got me wanting to buy one of those tread mills.. I did join Fernwood Gym in July 2009, just a week before the robbery.. I have been a total of 6 times, and have not been back.. Now I am at the point that it would be kind of embarrasing to walk back in there after so long.. You are one hot mama.. Carefull with exercising in no bra.. from the size of your mamajugs, I would be carefull.. you knwo if they wobble too much, they stretch, and before long you'll be tripping over your nipples.. LOL..
    Love ya..

  4. Hi Nene girl! Baby I'm already tripping on my nipples - I cant tell you how often they stuck under something! Dont ever feel embarassed about walking back into fernwood - you're paying them - they're YOUR servants!!! However, having your own treadmill kicks arse!!!

  5. You always have the best stories. I am so glad your tready is working well for you. I love good treadmill work. So much better then braving the outdoors!


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