Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A quick blog because something monumental happened to day - I bought size 14 pants (thats US size 10 - sounds so good!) You know, we can get so hung about numbers and our weight on the scales and whether or not people notice that we have lost weight etc etc etc. All I can say definitively is that this time last year my jeans (the ones I'm wearing in the pic to the left) were size 22 (I wouldnt even have considered wearing 3/4 pants - far too much skin showing!) and today I am comfortably wearing size 14 (3/4 jeans) from a standard shop not plus size just plain old plain old. I'm sure people look at me strangely when I say I've lost nearly 20kgs but I'm a pretty short girl and I've worked out that for every 5-7kgs I lose I also go down a size so maybe from now on instead of saying "I've lost nearly 20kgs" I'm going to say "I've gone down 4 dress sizes and before you pull a face or make a strange noise - stick it up your arse!"

We're also coming up to our one year anniversary (10th Feb) and it was this time last year I was making appointments and getting excited (and I was also at the lowest point in my physical life) and I've been thinking about all of the strange pre-conceived ideas I had about the band and how I thought it'd be and how different and how spectacular this reality is. I took some photos back then of me in my cozzie and some really bad ones when I was feeling really low and really hopeful about the band and I cant wait to find them and post them all for you - I really need to express the difference in my quality of life and my happiness that the band has brought to me - its really hard to express when you dont have a gobsmacking loss (well not to anyone else anyway - I'm stoked) to leave everyone gasping but man - my life has done a complete 360 in under 12 months. Its been gradual but it has actually happened and it cant be undone! YAY!

I've got fake tan on at the moment but I'll be getting dressed soon so I'll take a pic and post it then.


  1. I read your posts backwards....you are in a size 10 US? WTF? jkabfbckadhiop urh oi jf;eorp98rq37026 0p(*%&^%$&^%$

    that is me calling you lots of names.

    But for real, congrats and that is amazing!

  2. Shaggs!!! You are one hot mama... Congratulations on your successes.. I love that you are so happy, and by looking at you, you have every reason to be. Once again, your smile is natural, not forced and uncomfortable.. You look a million bucks..
    Reading your post has made me reflect to how I felt this time last year.. I never want to feel that way again.. I cant wait to get to a 14..
    Love yur stuff gorgeous
    xx Nene

  3. Well done ya bloody goddess!!!!! I read backwards too......isn't that what ya do?? Size 14.....OMFG!!! It is good to stop and reflect and just feel bloody proud of yourself though....we should all do it. I am in a manic stage at the moment and totally hate my slackness....but I will keep you informed on that one!!
    I can't for the life of me understand why you skipped the fake tan shot though......selfish bitch!!


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