Sunday, December 6, 2009

(Un)Bride for a Day

I think we've spoken before of my unwedding day? The day I got married in a maternity dress, had fights with most of my family, shared a pig on a spit and coleslaw in my parents backyard and missed out on the wedding cake (and saying goodbye to most of the guests) because I was taking my grandmother in law home? You know the day?? Well, I was never really one for the whole white dress and walking down the aisle idea UNTIL I learnt that as a wife and mother you only get ONE DAY in your whole entire life that is ENTIRELY about you and your princess fantasies. Had I known back on the 21st November 1998 that I would no longer exist as an individual let alone an individual deserving of a few moments of princessness I would have gone the whole bridezilla and had a huge full one wedding frou frou dress and all!!!

So as you all also know, when I get down to a fantasy size I am going into a wedding boutique and having the time of my life trying on every gown possible preferrably just like the one in the pic (down the left hand side of the blog). Fun! It seems tho the universe had a whole new plan for me and hey, I'm along for the ride and I like where the ride took me on Wednesday last week!

I was with one of my lovely besties who was in town to pic up her unwedding dress. (The wedding or relationship isnt happening anymore) but we went in and she decided to try on her dress to take some pics to sell the dress on ebay. Well the lady who helped us out just couldnt have been more lovely and joyously sharing in the fun of being with the two unbrides. You see we had planned that I would try on my BFF's dress also to in some way experience the fantasy but something strange happened.....

During the course of trying on her dress (sorry back to the ooger boogers) there was a distinct presence with us (my bestie nursed her mother to her death about 12 years ago and mum was DEFINITELY there sending little messages and it became very apparent that BFF should keep her dress cause she'd be needing it!) The whole energy of the situation changed and it felt like we had cleansed and annointed the dress and that it should definitely be kept and I would definitely not try it on cause it would just feel wrong.

So, my lovely lady helped me try on one of theirs and can you believe the ooger boogers took me straight to where I found the ONLY size 18 frou frou dress in the place!!!!! In amongst the size 8 sheaths and the 2500 size 10 silk explosions my dress flung itself at me and before I knew what was happening I was being squished and choked into the dress of my dreams albeit a few sizes bigger than I'd planned but there was no time like the present. Never again would the stars align in such a fashion that the energy, the glorious boutique, the lovely sales assistant and my lovely BFF would all come together to be with me at that moment. As the zip was finally heaved into submission wedding bells rang loudly throughout the PA system in the shop (I kid you not!) and we were all moved to tears!! It was one of the most sublime and inexplicable moments of my life even these words do not describe the love, joy and utter fantasy of the moment.

Can you tell by the pics?

Thank you ooger boogers for pulling out all the stops.......


  1. Wow Wow Wow, Gorgeous, Stunning, Beautiful.. That dress is soo lovely, but you make it even better.. And you look soo happy.. I love these pics..
    xx Nene

  2. Holy Crap! You look amazing and happy and so freaking young! Seriously, you look like you are 21 years old!

    Here in the states we have this show called Say Yes To The Dress and it is set in a bridal boutique in NJ. It just is about the brides that come in and the assistants trying to find them the perfect dress. I have dress fever!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!
    What a grand and heart warming story!
    It just goes to prove that the dress can MAKE THE GIRL....and make her smile!
    What a great day!
    thanks for sharing!
    Love it!

  4. You look beautiful....a groom would have just ruined the moment anyway:)
    I soooooooo believe the oogers had a hand in THAT little number!!
    I looked like one of those dolls you put over a toilet roll in my wedding photos......when I get some time I'll scan a photo for ya....
    I can't get over how bloody fabulous you look....bloody tart!!

  5. Wow you look beautiful!

    And you managed to reassure me that putting my foot down and NOT doing the backyard BBQ but rather spending the $$ on the frou frou will be worth it (See my blog)


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