Friday, December 11, 2009

Check the gazongas on that!!!!

Yes the waist may be getting smaller and the arse a little more "junk in the trunk" and a little less "critical mass overload" but man, those titties just keep on keepin on! There I was trying to suck in the gut, adjust the hair, control the jowls and hold just the right yogic pose for the final pic update of 2009 and low and behold the puppies steal the show and give me a whole new world of situations to adjust and cope with. I just cant wait for the circus freak that will be me size 8 with size 22 E cup babies! The husband is beside himself with delight! I really didnt mean for this pic to be a boob fest but man - you can't suck in your chest and you cant keep a good boob down (actually mine stay down on their own - they require some serious scaffolding to stay up).

Anyhoo, I have just had a fill. Call me mental crazy or the holier than thou bandster of 2009 but the fact remains I got a fill one and a half weeks before xmas (aka - food fest). Thank you to me! And of course I'm celebrating with a champers - it is liquid after all and I swear if I drink anymore of the stuff I'll be able to put a nozzle on the above mentioned puppies and start pouring straight from the tap! I would like to hog out right about now and eat but I'm aware we're in crazy times with my fills at the moment and I'm erring on the side of caution from here on in.

I lied to get in for an appointment tonight also you will all be proud to know. I called in the ooger boogers and my old scamming grandma (she would cut in line and stand at the front and when someone would point out "there's a line up" she would put on her best dazed and confused old lady look and say "yes, I know isnt it terrible?"). I have waited 3 months for an appointment after appointments had been cancelled etc etc and my appointment was actually for next week. I have called everyday asking if there had been any cancellations and yesterday the woman mentioned that I should call at night and see if they could squeeze me in. Which got me thinking.....

So I drove an hour tonight and turned up without and appointment praying that the ooger boogers were right. I pretended my appointment was tonight and can you believe the computer was down?????? And can you believe they let me in and I got a fill????? Love my cowboy doctor and loved the receptionist so much I took her a present (another thing the ooger boogers suggested) so I feel we're karmically clean.

I can feel my fill which is a lovely sign and since I saw the cowboy 3 months ago I have lost 4.9 kilos so we were all very happy and back slapping etc and now I'm all set for xmas and I should be safe from going haywire on the food and I'm feeling ready for anything!

By the way, that photo was taken on Friday morning and is pretty much the way I've been feeling lately - just so blessed and so beautiful and so full of love and light! Puking kind of stuff I know but really - the world is a beautiful place.

Love to all of you beautiful bloggers and may you all have a beautiful day ahead of you.


  1. Shaggs-do you write professionally? bc you could. Your chi-chi's look great and it is so good to hear that you are loving life, and your husband is loving your titties!

  2. Well well well, looky here at this foxy milfy mama.. Arent you just a picture of happiness and gorgeousness. I'm so happy to read that you are doing so well with your weightloss, and are happy with life too.. You seem to be settling in very well in Melbourne.. When I look at the pictures of you in your old "uniform" on the left side of the page, as compared to the new "end of 2009" pic, I see a natural smile, not a nervous smile, and this time when your hands are on your hips, they look comfortable and attitudey, not like you are a lil too shy to strike that pose..Love your transformation..and love your post..
    All the best for you and your family for Christmas, may the chardy's keep flowing for
    xx Nene

  3. You are looking fabulous! My boobs are the one place that I am really hoping that I lose!! So far, not so much. Your end of 2009 photo looks great!! I can see a big difference in it & the ones posted to the side in black top & jeans.

    Happy Holidays

  4. It's so good to see you out of uniform! And that pink cardi / whzite top is crazy cute. You look great!

    Have a Merry Christmas babe xxx

  5. I agree with Nene and the others.....bloody goddess!!
    I took my receptionist a present too!!!! I love those ooger boogers:) I have been throwing karma out at a rate of knots lately hoping it flies back and hits me in the face quite soon!!
    I had a fill last week too......OMG, ya think we are twins!!!??????
    Have a wonderful Christmas Shagga!!!! xx

  6. It's great to see you happy Shaggs, and long may it continue... and may you get slimmer and slimmer and your boobs not move an inch! Have a very happy Christmas.

    Hug from Caroline


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