Monday, June 1, 2009

To band or not to band?

So, Damien has finally worked through his wobbly but I'm still trying to work out this restriction thing. It hurts like hell when food gets stuck BUT I still want to eat, I can eat quite a bit providing I am careful and the food is "just right" in its consistency. I rarely feel full in the stomach and quite often feel full in the lower guts area which pulls on the port and the scars and is very uncomfortable for quite some time and yet the band never told me to stop I just stopped because the food ran out. Everyone is saying I've lost weight but the scales are just the same, its all just too confusing. I am booked in for another fill tomorrow and I dont know whether to get a whole or a half or not at all. The stuck thing is rubbish but of course only happens when I eat the wrong things (like chips) or the food isnt greased up enough. I'm not snacking as much but I do really want to eat. I'm not following ALL of the rules and now I'm just thinking that this band, working or not, will never help me - I am beyond the law. I know if I cared enough to prepare foods and proper meals for myself, to eat protein, stay away from the carbs and sit down and eat "mindfully" (still havent gotten over the psychologist at the meeting) then its all good but I'm sorry, thats just too many rules and too far beyond my comprehension level.

I feel like Homer Simpson in that episode where Bart makes an electro shock cookie deterrent. Homer keeps going for the cookies, he gets shocked, he squeals, he stops, he goes for another cookie, he gets shocked, he squeals, he stops, he goes for another cookie etc etc and he never learns. He's dumber than a hampster and so am I. I eat, I get stuck, I squeal, I unstick, I stop eating, I eat again, I get stuck, I squeal, I unstick, I stop eating, I eat again blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure a gold fish learns and retains information better than that.

So, I've never been here before - where the band is kind of working but I'm not. I sometimes think if I got more fill I'd be on liquids, that there isnt much more this band can do or maybe I'm wrong. I have heard successful banders say that they can only eat very little and very carefully and I dont think I'm quite there yet - almost, but not quite - there is still a little too much random scoffing going on to be a "successful" bander yet. I would like to feel full again. I've only had that once in the past fortnight. I cannot drink while eating any more so thats great, didnt really have to practice that one, the ability to drink is kind of taken away altogether with the right fill so its all good there, no more will power necessary just the threat of atrocious pain and strange automatic purging.

And strangely enough, I'm not really missing stuffing my face. I think I'll have that fill tomorrow just to see what its like to be over filled. I've always enjoyed new experiences (good or bad). And you never know, it just might do the trick! I thought, back in February when I got this done, I'd be wearing my fabulous winter boots (must post a pic) by June but its not so. I guess I am primarily to blame. I am so not on a diet with assistance from a band. I am trying to live a normal life without being interrupted by a band. Perhaps now its time to see what its like to be dominated by a band - I wonder who'll win? Will I lose weight or end up in hospital?

I actually am starting to think (God knows I shouldnt do that) that if it all went haywire tomorrow I think I'd ask for it to come out and not put another in. I really think I am above and beyond this kind of help. And I'm not saying this in a boo frigetty hoo kinda way. Its not poor me I am totally not sad or depressed about it, it just is what it is and I really dont think I want it hanging around in there any longer like a ticking time bomb just waiting for me to really eff it up. I really dont think it can stop me, I will always eat chocolate or sloppy greasy foods in order to fill up, while there is a way around, I will take it. I dont ever think about the money involved or the pain - I think more about the threat of future monies and pain. The money is already gone but the continued expense bothers me. Our private health insurance has always been paid by my husbands work and now he has left that job we must pay it and only because of the band. If it wasnt for the band we wouldnt need the insurance. We are all healthy and blessed with good sight, teeth etc etc and feel pretty comfortable with Medicare but the band requires insurance. Bummer. This is actually starting to sound like a good idea. I've never really felt comfortable with something in me stopping me from being a super consumer in the face of the global food crisis and famine, poverty etc etc. Here I am a big fat white westerner consuming til it hurts and causes me massive health problems. It seems as pointless as if I had liposuction. What a universal farce. Constricting your stomach cause you cant stop yourself from eating and then STILL eating. I'm turning into someone I'd hate on A Current Affair. And hating myself makes it even worse. Oh god I'm starting to disappear up my own arse....


  1. As always, you make me sit and think after I've read your post. I think I'm getting to know an aspect of you a little - strong reactions to most things, up some days, down others...
    Two thoughts to be going on with: 10 kilos in four months is bloody good, don't compare yourself with the bloggers who do a lot of gym. You're down about the whole thing today, but there's the proof: it's working, despite the chocolate.
    The other thought (don't yell at me): if you want to remove the band and throw away the money you've spent, then you don't want to be a normal weight. Or you do, but not ENOUGH. So maybe you should sit down quietly somewhere, stare at some mountain scenery and ask yourself what you really feel, and why you're doing this. Is it for you or under pressure from elsewhere? You don't sound like the sort of person who would give in to pressure from anyone, but maybe that's just the way you express yourself.
    I think I'll quit while I'm ahead...
    Just keep blogging!

  2. You are a mirror of me and my thoughts a few months ago!!I am nearly up to my 6mth mark and I swear, it has only been in the last month that I feel like this is going to work!! But ask me again tomorrow......the answer might be different:)
    I still "binge" but not nearly as much as before....and I am still losing weight. Very slowly at the moment...but it's not coming back on....and that has never happened in my life before!!!
    I will be interested to see how you feel after this last fill. Get blogging.....I am dying to know!!

  3. Hi girls, Caroline, you got me staring at mountains and thinking and I know I have lost sight of the reason why I did this in the first place and I am totally forgetting what it was like before the band carrying around just those extra 10kg. It was hell and I forgot that and even if it just means 10kg then it was worth it (I'm on the up today if you cant tell!) Nola - thank you for keeping it all in perspective for me (as per usual)Its hard to see at the time - but everyone seems to go through the same ups and downs and restrictions and binges - thats life! I'm still not really relating to the loss bit cause really - I aint losing - I'm not gaining but I'm not losing or I'm losing what I've gained. I do feel better though and that counts and I've got 30minutes to get off the blogs, out of my pj's. make lunches and the kids off to school. Fun. Love you girls - thanks for being there!

  4. I think we all have days of 'band remorse'. I mean for crying out loud, I can no longer eat McD's fries! They get stuck every frigg'n time.

    Whenever I feel that I shouldn't have had the band put in I just think back to before the band. Jumping from diet to diet. I'd only have to see someone who had lost some weight and then I'd be askin them what they did and straight away I'd go out and give it a go.

    Up and down, up and down. I get depressed just thinking about it.

    Chin up and maybe reflect on why you decided to get the band in the first place!


  5. Get back here and blog!!!! I want to know how the latest fill is going:) PLOISE!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hear hear - let's have another rant!

  7. Shaggs... oh Shagggs... where art thou???

    L x

  8. HELLLOOOOO - looking up Shagg's asshole to see where she has disappeared too.....

    Come back girl!


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