Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Living your own Eulogy

I'm back and I've missed you all like crazy and thank god it doesnt matter where I live, blogger friends are always there in this crazy e global situation. You see, an issue which transcends weight, lap bands, food and being size 17 is turning my "real" world upside down and has left me completely unable to find words adequate enough to truly express.

This is probably a big ol nothing to those of you who globe trot the planet all over the shop but for little ol me, I have lived, quite literally, in the same place all my life (aside from maybe six months) and here we are all up and leaving and moving almost 800kms away to Melbourne. I attribute my major upset to many different issues my main issue is leaving my friends and family and going to a place where I know one person (barely, online friend) I live in an area here where there is always someone to have a coffee with, drop in on or be dropped in on. I (happily and voluntarily) live next door to my parents for God's sake just to give you some idea of the magnitude of this. I have baby sitting on tap via many different sources for all hours of the day and night. I have just started my own business and was building up a nice little client base. And lets not even mention the spiritual importance of land and tribe to an indigenous person. I am feeling every root of my existence tearing and shredding painfully away from its base.

So why do it I hear you ask? Or are the reasons not to do it actually the reasons I should be doing it? I am a big sook lets face it. I get homesick driving out the driveway. I depend on people and I depend on people depending on me. I also have an adventurous independent streak that dies a little death every day here in suburbia. My husband also has a very lovely job in Melbourne that gives us the opportunity to live near the beach in a very nice suburb and experience a completely different life to that which we live here. Will we fit into that life? Well that remains to be seen but I also have this very conflicting and very nice and right feeling about all of this. Its like the universe has pulled out all the stops and is just placing it in our laps and I cannot ignore the feeling that something big and great is going to come of all of this cause otherwise, lets face it, there is too much at stake but these feelings and this rightness just cannot be ignored. So off we are going. And in a very short space of time too. I have tried to dig my heels in, I have tried to hate Melbourne, the house we are going to, the suburb, I have stalled, I have passively aggressively chucked a little silent tantrum and yet still, the path just gets smoother. I'm on a current and I dont have to pull not even one little stroke to get me there. Unless you count leaving my life blood (the people around me). I guess "they" are making up for the emotional pain by making the physical situation a little easier to deal with.

And now to make matters worse I feel like I'm at my own funeral. EVERYONE is being so incredibly nice and lovely and accomodating. It doesnt matter what I ask everyone jumps to it cause I'll be gone in 3 weeks so this is one of the "last times" so no matter how inconvenient something is, it happens no questions asked, before the sentence is even out of my mouth. I've committed suicide and I'm getting to listen to my own eulogies. Its really very lovely.

And lets remember I'm an hour and $70 on a plane away. I'm not in deepest darkest Africa but sometimes it feels like it.

And as for the band. Well f^&*) me if I'm not the biggest self sabotager on the planet. Part of it is the need to eat whatever I can without it getting stuck so I go for sloppy fatty foods. Everything else (other than a proper meal eaten slowly and carefully) gets horribly stuck so all this packing means I go for the quickest easiest options = pies, a constant supply of potato chips, chocolate, anything lubed up with cream or mayo. So I am just as fat as ever. Havent lost a gram. Should be going for another fill but really cant face throwing up constantly while packing and being picky about what I eat. I know I should stick to opti or something but really, I need some comfort. I know wrong wrong wrong. I'm looking forward to getting to the other end and getting in control again and getting back to morning walks (along a beach, be still my beating heart!). But until then I'm taking each day as it comes. How did I know that even at maximum effectiveness, this band was not going to change me? I know it will make the diet road easier but I really would have liked it to make more of difference than this. I am just holding on to the 10kgs I've lost that I wouldnt have lost without it. Even that's better than nothing.

Well I'm glad you're all there. That no matter where I am, blog land is still where its always been. I really love you all for that. I need that consistency, its really very comforting. Thank you.


  1. Not going to nag and bleat....the time will come when you are ready to "use" your band. I can understand why you can't be bothered at the moment....end of that!!!!!
    Now..............how farking exciting!!!!!! You DO REALISE that this puts you closer to me????? Like.....a 50 buck cheap plane flight away???? Like.....I could just appear at your doorstep and scare the shit out of you distance away???? Like.....I come over to Melbourne maybe two times a year distance away?????

    Just checking you realise that........

    Don't stop blogging.....ploise don't be suuuchh a biartch as to stop blogging!!!!! I know you will be off the wide wide world of web while you move.....but get back on as soon as you can ya mole!!!!

  2. Shaggs!!! So happy to see you blogged again.. I can sympathise with how you must feel to move, but as the saying goes, "Nothing ventured', nothing gained". Although it is quite possible that your venture could make you gain.. lol, I heard that they got all the best foods in Melbourne.. I have also heard that it is by far a great place. Aaand perhaps your business can grow even bigger over in Melbourne.. I wish you all the best for the move, and look forward to hearing the trials and tribulations of the move.. We all need to organize a catch up.. Perhaps when Hornbag Nola is over on the larger side of the continent..
    Love you long time Band Sister..
    xx Nene

  3. Hey, I'm a Melbourne girl born and bred (although spent two years in Canberra and some time in Europe). It's a great place. I'm near positive it will suit you and the family.

    And the food..... Glorious. Lots of (healthy) options if you're that way inclined. Plenty of variety. And it all has a Melbourne 'je ne sais quoi' feel about it.

    Let me know when you make it down and we can catch up.

  4. Phew - she's back. Call off Interpol.

    Don't worry about the band or your weight right now - that's the brilliant part about it, it'll just wait there patiently till you're feeling settled and can take it up again.

    There's a pannicky note to your 'voice', but really, there's no need:

    - Digital technology has shrunk the world and all the people you love are on the end of an e-mail, webcam, blog, mobile or plane;
    - You're barely moving out of your comfort zone. Your routines and lifestyle will still be Australian, suburban, pleasant, easy. (?)
    - If you're anything like the way you project yourself in your blog you'll make loads of friends, hopefully from many diverse backgrounds which you'll find really stimulating;
    - Retaining your local community identity no matter where you are will always provide you with an anchor, a place to which you want to return, which in my experience is increasingly rare in the modern world, and should be cherished. Nobody can ever take that community allegiance away from you.

    And best of all, you're going to get personal, face to face tuition from Nola to learn how to be a hornbag - how lucky is that? !!

    Don't you dare stop blogging.

  5. Hang in there! As lovely as it sounds--that you are moving to the beach---it's tough. Ain't no doubt about it! Uprooting yourself from the only place you've ever known and where you have deep connections is no easy thing--no matter where you are going! This is no time to worry about your weight. You've got time for that. Your band is going nowhere...it's just you that's moving! Do what you can do and try not to look beyond these next few weeks. Enjoy everyone's helpfulness and care and don't forget that you DESERVE IT.
    You're going to be walking on the beach!!! Now that's what I call motivation!

  6. I wrote an individual message to all of you for your insights, inspiration, fab humour and constant support and of course the computer died and I lost it so let me just say - God i love you guys (and no I havent been drinking). I just love you all to bits. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!


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