Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Noah's (F) Ark (ing Hell!)

OK so I'm loving my band at the moment. My really ultra tight fill has worn off to a very manageable normal kind of situation and has seen my weight drop to 92.6 and I am feeling much more in control and looking even better. I understand now how being too tight pushes you toward sloppy fatty foods to get satisfied and being filled in the right region encourages proper meals and satisfaction. However, I still seem to be size 17 although maybe I'll go and check out some smaller jeans as my usual 18's are literally falling off me and my builders crack is showing all over the shop. So, for the record, for this fickle moment in time I am officially loving my band and am seeing a bright future for me.

I am going to book in to see the doctor next week just to keep my fill options open cause I REALLY dont ever want to go back to one of those endless weight gaining bingeing periods - they are really horrible and completely unnecessary. Any of you out there who are being told to wait a whole month between fills - find another doctor (if its not working for you) cause that did my head in and now with fortnightly fills (or really whenever I want and a doctor who trusts that I am grown up enough to know what I need next) I am alive again!

I love Peter. Packing has slowed down. I'm starting to have anxiety/emotional issues over the packing and leaving situation, time is closing in on me - everyone is still being so nice to me I love everyone and dont want to leave. How the hell are we all going to get down to Melbourne? Its turing into freaking Noah's Ark - we are transporting three children, my nephew, my sister, 2 birds, eight gold fish, one axelotl, 27 baby sea snails and one puppy dog. Fracken hell! 700kms and 47 pitt stops.

See, now I'm starting to freak out gotta stop here. No amount of food is going to help this and I still have no viable alternative coping mechanisms. (except for blogging)


  1. I am so happy that you are loving the band.. and equally happy that you are blogging again.. Welcome Back Sista.. I tried to respond to your post about Peter.. he is so fricken cute.. I want one.
    Congrats on the weight loss, and just know that it will continue to drop, even if it is at a slower pace, never give up..
    Best of luck with the move.. I dont envy you there, but I am sure you will grow to enjoy Melbourne..
    Nene xx

  2. Blogging......the best release in the world!! Just a tip for travelling with a young dog.......get some cheap baby disposable nappies and sit him on one. If he has an accident...you can just chuck the nappy away and sit him on another one!!! Put him in a crate too if you can. They feel more secure in a little crate and tend to settle better.....plus they are not climbing all over everyone and getting all hyper!! Also...the nappy covers the bottom of the crate nicely:) I always transport my cats with a nappy in the bottom of their crates.
    Please.....no need for thanks!! It's my crazy, mad lady who loves her pets pleasure!!!

  3. What a sweet dog... hope he doesn't get through too many nappies on the journey.
    Don't let time close in on you - after all it's you that's going to pastures new, to wonderful new adventures. If anything it's what you feel when you're the one who's getting left behind. You have the sort of personality that makes you the centre of the world you live in, and you're just shifting it further up the road, that's all. Think of all those new neighbours living in peace and innocence - they just don't know what's going to hit them!
    And guess what - for once in your life you can't add to your stress by thinking "and on top of everything else, I'm never going to shift this weight either" - because you are, you have.
    When's your moving date?

  4. I am so glad you are in a good place with your band again. It really mkes a difference when you have a doctor you can trust and rely upon.
    I love that you are blogging again and you should definitely keep that up if it's helping you cope with the packing etc. Moving is so stressful!

    Wishing you the best


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