Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Pic Update

Just busting to get a pick or two so did it myself in the mirror anyhoo here it is..... No smoke and mirrors (well mirrors yes) taken at eye level and while wearing horizontal stripes (gasp!) and no my left boob is not smaller than the right just an optical illusion. Not the best pic but better than the attempt with the flash......

And thats me at 78kg (171pds) approx 18 months and 30kg post band and three weeks post gallbladder removal.


  1. You look GREAT! Wow, what a difference from your shots on the side. Congratulations!

  2. Well well well, look at you Hotty McHotty.. Simply friggen stunning.. Love ya Love Ya
    xx Nene
    Hope you're recovering well..

  3. Shaggs you are looking really well and very gorgeous! xo Miss Dee

  4. Thank you all beautiful bloggers! You all keep me going in ways you can never imagine!!

  5. Sorry Shaggs, thought I'd left a comment! (It was of course my green-eyed jealousy and envy that made me spit so much that I couldn't bring myself to type anything...)
    You do indeed look stunning. How's your health though??

  6. Holy tits! I never saw this post. You look HOT! (psst. dont talk to Nene anymore. she never blogs anymore and we have to punish her. I miss her. But we broke up...until she makes me happy again).


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