Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30kg (66 pounds) Gone Check In

OK I've stopped bitching now - ungrateful cow that I am. My digestive system is mellowing out and learning to live without a gall bladder although it is different to before I had a gall bladder but anyhow, I'll cope. I had a small set back last week with a secondary bleed and my port was hurting like hell so I checked in with my fill doctor he explained it all and its now fine. I even went back to Sydney for that visit - my husband surprised me one afternoon and said get packing and off we went with an hours notice and it was excellent!

Wait a minute - back to bitching - after 18 months of struggling with a band and losing weight by the drip method (lil by lil) finally people notice - I cant believe you have to lose 30kg (66 pounds) for anyone to notice and THEN they think its because of illness ie: my gallbladder. I've lost about 3kgs from having my gallbladder out.... and this is why we dont rely on exterior gratification cause when you most need it you wont get it and when you learn to live without it it comes flooding in. Its such a back handed compliment but I guess I'm gonna find the bad in just about anything at the moment. I am extremely stoked about the whole weightloss thing dont get me wrong its awesome and I love buying new clothes and dressing me up every morning but my inspiration has stalled and I dont feel like writing anymore - its school holidays and the car has broken down and dead set - that'd sap the energy out of anyone!


  1. Excellent - so glad things are settling down. Well WE certainly noticed all the way along the way you were shrinking, and how your chirpy face got chirpier and chirpier!
    So, a feast of posts from you recently, but I gather we're now back to famine... Oh well, drop a line when you have something to report (or bitch about).


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