Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The world's best kept secret!

Sorry no pics yet but I swear they are coming! I just LOVE my new clothes - I actually feel like I look in my new clothes. For so many years I have worn whatever would fit and in colours that are slimming (ie: black) but everything I bought on Sunday is pink and purple and I just love it all!!! Its horrible in life when your outside is not an expression of your inside and while I would still like some more options I'm pretty happy with what I got on Sunday.

I also love Melbourne. No I was not being sarcastic in my last post and I should have pointed this out before I had a whinge on Saturday night but I love Melbourne and where I'm at is not the problem its totally just the lack of friends and family - and I dont want new ones I just want the ones I had! Well, new friends are great dont get me wrong but I also want my old ones.

So the weather here at the moment is my favourite weather of all. It is cool, crisp and dry. Perfect weather for straightened hair (stays perfect all day), oily skin (stays clear and smooth), big asses (a good jacket hides all sins), higher kilojoule consumption (gotta keep warm somehow) people who wear black all the time (a scarf can be a colourful addition to any outfit without adding kilo's and rolls to your gut in fact, a scarf creates a slimming, vertical line and actually covers the gut rolls - everyone's a winner!). And Melbourne has some GREAT shopping!!! I dont know if it was because I lived in a shitty area in Sydney where all of the clothes were either trashed in the shop or there were no larger sizes left cause, lets remember there's like 10 fast food outlets around these shops and all of the larger sizes would go instantly!

So there are many reasons I love Melbourne, let me just finish by saying that this place is one of the worlds best kept secrets! It is the perfect blend of beach and city and family and funky life and I just love it! Its cheaper, easier, friendlier and far more lovely than Sydney in so many ways, if only everyone was here...

Oh and my band is as tight as so the weight is dropping off. Actually saw 90.8 yesterday! Couldn't eat meat and carbs together if I tried and I do at least one puke a day but I'm loving it and my husband is getting to know what its like to date a bulimic super model (I disappear at least 3 times every meal to make myself more comfortable!).


  1. You know Shaggs, It feels like it has been quite a while since we saw you happy ( read you were happy anyway).. I must say, I am so happy for you.. I'm glad that you are liking Melb.. am also jealous that you are in the midst of all the best shopping too...And fantastic news on the weightloss. I think we all go though some down phases about the band.. and I too, as much as I upchuck some of the most enjoyable food, am so glad that I have it.
    I wish you had the complete lifestyle & friends/family combined package there to make life perfect for you.. But always remember... Sydneys just a super short flight away..
    Luv U long time sista...
    xx Nene

  2. yay so glad to see you sounding happier with life but more importantly yourself :-) and yes melbs is fantastic!

  3. All good! Keep that pink and purple going!!!
    We all gotta get over BLACK clothes!
    I know nothing about Melbourne but I am completely on board with any good shopping locale!
    So glad to hear you are cool and comfy while we're hot and bothered....LOL!

  4. I lose count of how many times I check your blog for new piccies.. C'mon girlie, I'm sure that I'm not the only one awaiting new pics.. oh and stalking ur blog..lol
    xx Nene

  5. Oh.....you are OK now!!!?????? You LIKE Melbourne.....good, so do I :) I should really read your last post first when I get behind!!!
    I am still pissed off with myself/band and in the space of 5 minutes from reading your last post have not mustered up the energy to blog....so I will stalk yours.
    Glad you found some clothes and are happy that you are discovering that pink is the new black!! I am with Nene....photos please!


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