Saturday, May 1, 2010

20kg, 50 pounds but who's splitting hairs???

So once again a quickety quick post to celebrate the official loss of 20kg. Well, its kinda 20kg since my own first notings of weight since deciding to do this whole band thang but the doctors have 106kg on record so its 23kg and I know for a fact I got up to 107kg but anyway as far as this blog is concerned its 20kg!!!!! (sorry, 44pounds on blogger record and 50 pounds on doctors records either way I dont give a shite cause I am stoked!!!)

This is not the best pic of me ( I broke all rules and wore a white bra under black clothes and I'm all pink and blothchy from pissing on but I really dont give a poop I never thought I'd wear a lil black dress and knee high boots so I'm gonna celebrate it!

After 12 months and 20kgs heres a few things I have learnt:

1. I have just had another fill and with every fill I learnt something new. If you are experiencing pain when food goes down chances are you are not tight enough. Yes, you heard me you need to be tighter!!! Can you believe it?? You see as you get tighter the food goes down slower so then less pain BUT!!! You have to really stick to the rules and really, you have no choice BUT to stick to the rules. The only thing you need to remember is to eat slowly and everything else is taken care of via the band. If you are struggling with quantity and thinking about food and still killing yourself then your band is not tight enough!!! I h
ave learnt this throughout the last few fills. Number one rule you have to control is not to eat too fast and number two is dont eat about 2 hours before bed at least (or you'll see your food again through the night - not pretty). If you are still relying on will power and self control your band is not nearly tight enough.

2. Fluid tablets will get you through those really tight days of the month. One every couple of days is enough and only on the days you need them.

3. The band is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I still eat whatever I want but just a little bit of it the bad behaviour like scoffing and eating
massive gorging meals is completely eliminated with the band as is most really bad carbs like bread and pasta (altho you can have them but they're slow and not really worth it). I seriously dont feel deprived from the good things at all.

4. I would recommend ANYONE to get a band. My heart goes out to all the girls out there who kill themselves over quantity and will power etc who are slaves to food and the obsession of it - its a prison. And this is heaven. I could never have done this AGAIN without a band (yes I've lost the same 20kg and gained it back again and again and now I know this is it!). I love it!!! I am wearing ANYTHING i want and i feel fabulous!!! I have the energy to exercise and the love and respect for myself to want the best for me including healthful foods and a healthy
lifestyle. I am a born again girl! And heres my new boots to prove it!!!

I have always dreamt of wearing knee high boots and a little black skirt and I cried when I found these boots and I wear them like a girl on a mission they do things to me on a soul level.

I urge anyone out there considering a band or having written off the idea of a band to talk to someone who knows. The reality is SOOOOO different to the uneducated, freaky preconceived ideas we have about banding. I have family who have expressed their concerns despite my obvious happiness and looking fab and once I talked to them and educated them on how it actually is (my sister didnt even know it was reversible!!!!! but even if the thing popped through my chest and poked my eyes out I would still have it put back in).

Anyhoo enough preaching, lovin life, going to Africa on safari 22nd May with the family - should be fun even though its way outside my safety zone. Love youse all, follow you all even if I dont comment - my day isnt the same unless I've checked in on you all! Thank you for being a part of one of the most amazing stages of my life!


  1. Shaggs, it's lovely to hear from you and SERIOUSLY lovely to see how happy you are. Even though I'm struggling to lose much, I know I wouldn't even be able to stay level without the blessed band. A prison - well put.
    OK so you don't want to spend too much time leaving comments, but I'm holding you to your vow that you read our blogs regularly. It's to people like you that I write. (Because I know you're not just interested in lapband issues).
    Three cheers for Shaggs and her black boots!!!

  2. YIPPEE - so happy for you! Way to go! I missed you! Your boots are HAWT!

  3. You are a scream...(previous post) I would so love to catch up and have a bevvie with you when I am next in Melbourne. Congrats on the 20kg loss...amazing. You look hot and I agree with every comment you made. I am .2 away from my 20kg...can't wait...sucha huge no isn't it!!! We must have been a very similar starting weight as I am in the 84's too. Anyway...congrats

  4. Shaggs - wasn't it about this time last year when you lost a post you were writing about your grandmother, because it was the anniversary of her death? As far as I remember (correct me here...) you never did write it. So when you get the urge to write again next time, why not write about her - it sounded as if there was a good story to tell.

  5. Well you are one hot hornbag that's for sure!! How much more fun are you going to get out of this holiday not carrying an extra 20kgs around?!!! Unbeleiiiiiiivable:) I love your boots and I agree with Caroline about writing us a story.

  6. Girl you are SMOKING ! And I 100% agree w/ you about talking ot someone about the band . I cant tell you how many people email me AFTER being banded and go " BUT I didnt know about that but my doctor didnt tell me about that OMG " I kind of dont feel sorry for them ! Even the good stuff. You HAVE to know 100% what your getting into . Because you have to KNOW YOU CAN DO IT ! If you dont know you can do it you wont ! But you obviously are doing it ! I LOVE the boots. I too have a black pair of "hooker" Boots as my husband calls them ! LMAO its a right of passage I think post op !

  7. Omg I want those boors. They would look so good with my black dress. Lol. U are doing soo awesome.


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