Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics Glorious Pics

So this is how my kitchen looks this morning and yet here I am flagrantly shootin the shit on my blog for the love and laughter of my blogger biatches. I am acutely aware that I have not blogged for some time and I am way overdue so here I am for another quickie post cause I am also acutely aware that at 3.30pm today my father in law is arriving for a visit from Queensland. My Third and final realisation this morning is that my father in law is certifiably obsessive compulsively clean (you might think "yay he can clean the kitchen") but no he is one of those judgemental OCD people who doesnt change the world for themselves but expects others to appropriate the world for them and while I am not going to go on a total cleaning frenzy and disinfect the lounge suite I will be doing something about the toilet roll on the kitchen bench as I can see why that might be a health hazard.

So, for your viewing pleasure here is a short pictorial of what I have been up to for the past month (or two).

We have been doing alot of card playing of late and my stoopid (lovably so) bestie thinks I have the advantage because of the Ooger Boogers so she thought it would be appropriate to cover her head in alfoil and do the Vulcan live long and prosper sign in order to ward off unwanted spirits who might want to help me win black jack. Needless to say - I still won. I have an affinity with Jacks (since doing a reading for a very powerful spirit called Jack). I got two Jacks and split them and then got dealt two more jacks for each other jack so yes I cleaned up. Thank you Jack.

Can I just say that I hate this blogspot is crap cause this is supposed to be the last pic but no its the first and I cant change that cause blogspot is CRAP!!!!! Its head lice season in Melbourne and this is me and my bestie delousing on valentines day. There is no better way to say you love someone than to pick nits out of their hair and give them a supportive hug even though they smell like kero.

I got trashed on my birthday. Do ya like the make up my BFF gave me? Things can get a little boring around here so sometimes I like to dress up and add a lil Shaggs spice to the mix. (Did I mention my five year old now calls me Shaggs?)
This is me bustin a move at Love Machine an ace (Melbourne word for tops) gay club in Prahan. This is my partner in crime my neice (yes she is over 18 I am a young aunty) she was down from Sydney for my birthday and we left the town in tatters.
I have a small problem and that is - when I've had a few bevvies I cant help but smack arses and hump legs. Aren't y'all lucky ur just my cyber friends????

Now I would love to continue this pic fest but quite frankly THIS pitiful effort has taken me an hour and I'm seriously un-zen in a f^&*(d off kind of way.

I love youse all.


  1. You are so beautiful. I have missed you, but like a rash you can't get rid are always with me!


  2. Holy Shit Balls, You look hot..
    As for the headlice.. Dont get me started.. try running a nit comb through my daughters hair.. I swear my neighbors must think I am torturing the child..
    Thanks for the talking to in my comment section.. needed that kick in the butt.. you seem to be good at that, as your pics provide enough evidence of this.. lol
    Great to see you looking so good..
    xx Nene

  3. wow you are looking great :-) thanks for your comment the other day x

  4. The 'one year later' pic is wonderful, and the ones in the main post make me laugh as usual. You sound like so much fun... I agree about b....dy blogspot, sometimes it takes HOURS to get the wretched post to look neat and tidy, and the photos the right size and position on the screen. The air goes blue every single time. Why but WHY can't they improve the technology and make the writing up wysiwyg? I come home from working on my PC to earn a living, and feel I'm regressing to the stone age when I write in my blog...
    OK. Rant over. Nice post Shaggs.

  5. Ladies.....change to wordpress!!! Lecture over:) look farking amazing...bloody well done. I see you have the bottle of Spray n Wipe on the bench in readiness for your cleaning frenzy...I have rolls of toilet paper everywhere when I have a cold. I never have tissues....I always use toilet paper....easier. Hence the reason I will settle for nothing less than Kleenex Cottonelle in white!!! I can't have dyes because my fanny is terribly allergic to that sort of thing:)


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