Friday, August 21, 2009

Penises and Ladies who Lunch - Pics Glorious Pics!

So we all love some pics and here's a few for your enjoyment lets start with the most important shall we!

Penises in Brighton - I am want to see the sexual innuendo in a loaf of bread but honestly - its a flacid penis - right?

Lunch in Prahan - I love this scarf even though it looks like a table cloth in the pic. It's cotton and cool and its mostly white (I NE
VER wear white) I'm trying!

Coffee in St Kilda. Is this a classic St Kilda "Secret Life of Us" shot or what? I have always liked the idea of Melbourne and this is one of the reasons why. Along this strip there is about 6 cake shops all in a row and I mean serious little fancy shmancy cakes. I tried one and didnt really like it. I think I like the look of cakes more than the taste - they're so pretty! I have no idea how such a small suburb supports so many fresh cake shops all with identical stock but anyhoo St Kilda is quaint but grubby and full of ferals ah lah Newtown in Sydney. I had to use the public toilet and I swear, its been really hard knowing where my shoes have been it was beyond toxic.

Brightonish Beach - Look at what these jeans do for my arse!!!! Bugger the cute dressing sheds. Just had to put that in sorry for the total self indulgence (like you're not all used to that anyway) but I cant really put pics of anyone else in but really - look at my ARSE! (while you're looking at my arse you're not seeing my fat gut and tits!)

Peter eating a lollipop - I dont care how unhealthy it is - how cute is that!

My new cardigan. Totally crap pic the colour is much nicer purple not as
dull as here. It does up under the boobs and cinches in at just the right spot and is just the right length and yep, I love it. Never really wear wool but kind of have to when its cold here. Wool always adds a good 5kg but I'm getting over that. My mother in law and sister in law taught me to not wear huge clothes cause they just make you look huger. I used to hate having figure hugging clothes on cause they just hug the rolls but really - I look ten times bigger in billowy clothes so fitted clothes it is!

Enough for now - I'm very concerned that I'm going to lose this post any minute now so I'm off and yes of course there will be more coming. Havent posted any farewell party pics yet! Oh and I must go and get ready - we've been invited out for dinner!!! Yay! Promise I wont drink and make a total fool of myself in front of new prospective friends.


  1. I completely love that cardy! It's awesome.

  2. Ooooweeee, You're even standing with a sexy confident lean to the side... You're looking good.. Love the cardi..
    Peter is looking as cute as ever..
    And yes, you're ass is looking nice and pert in that pic.. Gotta luv a good booty pic..
    Am so glad that you are also posting again.. I hope things get better for you down there.. And I know that no-one can match up to the friendships you left behind in Sydney, but just know that they are only a short flight away... and this is an opportunity to make some more/new friends..and not forgetting your friends back home.. Trying to pull a positive out of it for you girlie... I know what I mean but I just cant put it to words...
    Oh well, I'm about to go for a fill...
    luv you long time Shaggsy..
    xx Nene


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